Essays on The Importance of Motivation in Organization Coursework

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The paper "The Importance of Motivation in Organization" is a good example of management coursework. One of the core functions of mangers or HRM is motivating employees to remain functional and effective in organizations. Diverse motivational strategies are available in organizations; they could be tangible or nontangible factors that lead employees to recommendable and sustainable motivational behavior. Inclusive are bonuses, promotions, recognition, pay raise, paid leaves, training, and development, health, and childcare insurance among other social welfare packages. Motivation has an effect on job performances, concentration, cooperation, production, workplace relations, and employees’ satisfaction and commitment.

In the contemporary world, failing to address employees’ motivation would result in the loss of an organization’ s competitiveness in production and the market. Motivation is critical for the organization, but it also supports and improves the well being of employees, who are essential assets and drivers of the business. The document addresses the importance of motivation in an organization, the challenges in motivation employees and how managers could improve it. Introduction Concept of motivation and its association with the HRM. Globalization in the last few decades has made management in organizations to rethink of better ways to enhance motivation in the workforce.

People are no longer highly restricted to move across the border in search of employment and better opportunities like before. As a result, there is a high movement of the skilled and less skilled labor force into the advanced, emerging and developing nations. This creates the need for human resource management to deal with diverse employees, with different cultures and behaviors that influence the personal characters, choices, and performance at work. Regardless of numerous differences, managers have to know their employees, adjust and adopt new mechanisms to achieve the best through the workforce they lead.

Basically, production and performances tend to fluctuate like a business cycle. This is stimulated by internal or external factors to the organization, impairing employees' focus on work and ultimately the output. Motivation comes in to influence employees’ behavior and assist solve the problems affecting them. According to Robbins, Millet, Boyle, and Judge, “ motivation is the process that accounts for an individual’ s intensity, direction and persistence of effort towards attaining a goal” (2011, p.

176). Employee motivation is one function of the HRM aimed at guiding the behaviors of subordinates. Such that they choose certain favorable behaviors not only to the organization, but also to improve they're well being. The first part deal with the roles of motivation in an organization, the second difficulties managers face in motivational function and finally how they can overcome them.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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