Essays on International Business Machines History and Its Venture in Intrapreneurship Case Study

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The paper "International Business Machines History and Its Venture in Intrapreneurship" is a good example of a business case study.   This paper seeks to present an analysis of International Business Machines history and its venture in Intrapreneurship. In addition, a comparison between IBM and Woolworth Limited in Australia sets out the differences between the two companies. These are on the basis of leadership, innovation, organization culture, obstacles face and CSR. International Business Machines firm overview International Business Machines Corp (IBM) is a multinational company whose headquarters are in New York, The United States of America.

Its founders are Charles Ranlett Flint and Thomas Watson. Initially, it was Computing Tabulating Recording Company, which was a composition of three other companies: Computing Scale Company, Tabulating Machine Company and International Time Recording Company ( com2016). It later changed its name to International Business Machines Corp in the year nineteen twenty-four. It deals with computer and technological devices. It has had a continuous growth in the past decade especially due to the high demand for modern technology in the current fast-faced globalized world. Its first incorporation was in the month of June, the year nineteen eleven.

The choice of the company was inspired by the fact that the company is the pioneer of Technology devices across the world and continues to be at the forefront. It is one of the competitive companies in Technology and consulting business ventures. The company has one of the best intrapreneurs, for example, Samantha Klein, who is a marketing manager. She is famous as a special weapon for IBM because of her great contribution to the company (Forbes. com, 2016). The great contribution, which increased her popularity, is the invention of the Millennial Corp group.

It is a platform for all IBM employees where they meet from time to time including the youths to share views on career development, their goals, special talents and innovation in ways that help improve the company productivity. Eventually, it increases employee motivation and firm productivity and has a projection to have a positive contribution in the near future. The insights on new business ideas from the employees will be the main catalysts for development. For that reason, IBM stands, as a fine example for intrapreneurial companies across the globe. IBM is famous for the invention of various devices such as Hard Disk Drive (HDD) and floppy disk and magnetic strip card (Successtory. com, 2016) IBM venturing mode The company’ s venture capital focuses on networking and investing with big entities.

It utilizes the use of a venture group to create relationships and advice on the best to collaborate with based on their strengths and potential opportunities. This is opposed to its competitors especially Cisco and Intel who invest directly to smaller and upcoming companies. It has also ventured in sponsoring Smart camps worldwide (Anon, 2016).

These are information and technological empowering camps with seeking to equip the public with essential valuable knowledge and skills. In addition, they seek partners who have the same goal: attaining a smart world where technology is at the forefront. The venture business is essential in alleviating any potential or existing constraints likely to reduce the competitive advantage of a firm.

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