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The paper 'Organization and Leader Profile' is a wonderful example of a Management Assignment. Organizational mission basically describes the way in which organizations accomplish their vision. Organizations that do not consider mission development are frequently ineffective (Cavusgil, et al, 2012). Visions integrate future goals. It is important that goals reflect the organization’ s culture. Besides the organization’ s mission and goals, other factors such as reporting structure, leadership style, culture, geographic location, physical work environment, staffing practices, and graduate opportunities ought to align with personal and professional needs in order to lead to a desired career path.

There are some inspirational leaders in the world that may inspire someone through their career journey. This paper presents the organization profile of DHL as well as leader profile with regards to Steve Jobs. Organization profile Not less than forty years back, DHL was instituted in San Francisco by three budding entrepreneurs- Larry Hillblom, Robert Lynn, and Adrian Dalsey. DHL has progressively expanded at an exceptional rate (DHL International GmbH, 2013). Currently, it prides itself on the international market head of the global logistics and express industry. Dating in 1969, DHL began its initial small steps in the future building by shipping papers through airplane between San Francisco and Honolulu (DHL International GmbH, 2013).

Years later, the DHL network expanded, steadily getting new customers within each region of the globe. Simultaneously, the marketplace grew and turned out to be more complex, therefore, DHL adjusted to fulfill the transforming needs of its clients, both at the local and global levels (Mangan, et al, 2008). Presently, DHL’ s global network connects not less than 220 territories and countries worldwide (DHL International GmbH, 2013).

Additionally, DHL provides supreme expertise in air, ocean and express freight, solutions in contract logistics, overland transport, and worldwide mail services. From 1969 up to now, the approach as well as the dedication is still the same. The organization’ s success has constantly been grounded around the delivery of excellent service to customers (DHL International GmbH, 2013). Never contented, DHL has turned out to be a brand recognized for personal dedication, proactive solutions in addition to local potency. At the core of the company’ s success are the employees who concentrate on the needs of customers and offer individually tailored solutions (Gattorna, 2009).

DHL is a member of Deutsche Post DHL, the world’ s head logistics group (DHL International GmbH, 2013). In 2010, the Group produced revenue exceeding 51 billion euros. DHL has four divisions. All segments run under the management of their individual divisional headquarters. Management functions of the group are carried out through the Corporate Center. The company has centralized internal services that support the whole Group, including IT, Procurement, and Finance Operations (DHL International GmbH, 2013). This combination facilitates the company to enhance the business’ s flexibility, improve the quality of service and influence scale’ s economies as well as cost benefits (DHL International GmbH, 2013). The division that I am interested in is the supply chain division where I want to work as an assistant manager.

The division designs and employs a tailored supply chain as well as business information solutions for leaders in the market in not less than fifty countries. The associates bring international vision, disciplined process, and market insights to solutions of the supply chain for the globe’ s leading companies (DHL International GmbH, 2013).

Wide industry knowledge and contract logistics knowledge make sure that the company’ s solution plan, warehousing, transportation, and fulfillment services allow companies to be very efficient, productive, and competitive. Generally, the business needs of the customer are always the heart of what employees do (from the initial analysis of the situation to the ongoing programs of improvement that facilitates better outcomes each day) (Circling The Supply Chain, 2013). DHL has nearly 275,000 workers internationally who provide customers excellent quality of service and local expertise to meet their requirements in the supply chain (DHL International GmbH, 2013).

DHL acknowledges its social responsibility by supporting the protection of climate, disaster education, and management.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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