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The paper "Help Desk Issues" Is a great example of a Management Assignment. Employee problems resurface in companies and more so helpdesk. These problems are more specific and obvious in most organizations. These problems result from attendance issues, poor service delivery and failure to deliver results. Some problems in the workplace may not have immediate causes detected. When problems are worrisome and undesired, the supervisor or person in charge should act swiftly to stave a major loss. The article dwells on specific employee problems and remedies. The major problem Sarah faced was addressing the boss with ill fit managerial skills.

The boss may have been promoted due to job related-skill and not the people management skills. The boss did not know what he wanted but just to have an easy time with his staff. Some company employees are promoted to supervisory level due to their problem solving and technical solving problems. Sarah would have the boss and other employees get better training on their respective goals. Some of the managers do not make managing people problem a priority. The company rewarded the boss for the bottom line results got rather than his people management skills (Czegel, 1998, 120).

Thus, the boss had little incentive to focus on what really mattered to his employees. The boss increased span of control blindfolded him to get to know his employees and address the individual employee problems. He was also managing a larger number of employees than before which proved difficult. There are employees who have perfected the disappearing act. Ron could cite various ‘ illness’ or excuses for his chronic absenteeism pattern. Fauerbach (1999), attests that the problem crops up due to their personal problems.

Ron was a hypochondriac who was legendary absentee. The said employee is given some off to cool off and once he is back, he is given a kick-start strategy. This spotty attendance is arranged for work dissatisfaction or home problem. Talk to the employee privately as Sarah did to find of the cause of the problem. Afterward, offer the employee an assistance program or enlist EAP provider to create such a problem with your employee. If the problem is dissatisfaction then consider raising a workplace to enhance improvement. Then there is the sour-apple employee who bad-mouths the organization and leadership to other people.

If this person is not addressed, it may lead to a mass exodus of employees or customers. If Susan and Mick are not corrected, could become the sour apples in the help-desk organization. Mick’ s resentment toward Sarah for ‘ stealing’ his job would calumniate in badmouthing Sarah to other employees. This would spiral to poisoning other employees against her. Susan’ s attitude of saying she was not present fully in the organization poisoned other employees.

Sarah hence needed to address the underlying issues the two employees had. Sarah should watch out and avoid telling them her personal comments such as ‘ you are irresponsible’ or ‘ you are lazy’ . Instead, she adhered to the work ethics policy to address each of them individually. These discontented employees take a toll on the company causing losses (Czegel, 1998, p. 90). The excessive grousing employee should be halted.


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