Essays on Customer-Support Service in the Relationship Perspective Assignment

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The paper "Customer-Support Service in the Relationship Perspective" Is a great example of a Management Assignment. When Sarah was appointed to head the help desk, she was facing a kind of hostility and resentment from Mick. Mick was a supervisor who believed that he was the one who was supposed to take the job and not Sarah. This meant that Sarah was likely to have a hard time working with Mick who already had resentment towards her. It is very common in the workplace to have employees who have hostile relationships with others out of the promotion choices the management takes.

Some employees feel they have enough experience than the ones who have been chosen. Others feel they are more qualified and actually don’ t give support to the newly promoted. As a result, the productivity of the affected department goes down due to a lack of support for the new authority (Invernizzi & Rometi, 2012). Sarah had to find a way of getting Mick into her side and actually work with hey to change the help desk. It involved showing him that this does not make him any less qualified and Sarah actually needed his support and experience to achieve her objectives. Absenteeism When Sarah reported, Ron had already become used to being absent from his work and probably at home with a reason which was not really a convincing reason for anybody who loves their work.

This shows Ron is not at all happy with his workplace. According to Farler & broady (2012), it may be that he is feeling the job is not very rewarding to him or it’ s either taking a toll on him.

Ron seemed the kind of person who needed bigger challenges in the workplace to feel that he has achieved and Sarah had to develop a strategy of getting him back to loving his job by looking for a more challenging job for him. She visited him to discuss her strategy for him. When he was back, Sarah already had a project for Ron. It is very important that human resource function design jobs that are satisfying to the employees in terms of challenge level and magnitude of the accomplishment. Lack of team spirit The help desk was totally in shambles in terms of organizational effectiveness.

The team of six people could not agree on a method of working through the main objectives and targets of the department as a team. Sam had already designed his own job and was actually working with his own goals. Tim and Jean were very hardworking and knowledgeable but their efforts could not have an impact on the performance of the help desk despite them solving 80 % of the issues presented to the help desk.

Susan was partly in the team, she had already issued her notification to quit. Essentially the team spirit was not there as everybody was engaged in personal objectives and failing to realize the main goals the department had. Sarah had to bring the team to work together by giving everybody duties to perform as part of the team. The team eventually gets together and they achieve success together through coordination. They own the success as a team and the management is happy with the performance.

Val, Fuentes, & dobson (2012) contend that in such a situation a manager can only be able to achieve organizational effectiveness by showing great leadership skills of understanding the individual strengths of his/her team and utilize the strengths to have the team deliver on its goals.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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