Essays on Organization Behavior in Coca Cola Company Case Study

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The paper “ Organization Behavior in Coca Cola Company ”   is a   motivating example of a case study on human resources. Organizational ethical behavior can affect the organization in many different ways; it can affect the organization's reputation, productivity, and other external and internal factors that an organization operates under. It is this behavior that determines the existing and prospective customers an organization is likely to have. Conducting business while cautiously examining the organization behaviors majorly contributes to the competitiveness as a factor of organization market expansion. There are some expected organizational behaviors that when not met, the organization will definitely lose its customer to competitors.

This essay examines the expected and actual organizational behaviors with the main focus on Coca Cola Company as a case study for organizational behavior and how it influences its market demography. The essay also outlines recommendations of ethical organizational behaviors that can be adopted by Coca Cola Company to win and retain their market. ExpectedIt is expected that Coca Cola Company is achieving various outcomes including work attitudes such as work commitments and job satisfaction and the performance of the job for instance counterproductive work behavior as well as customer service.

Attracting, managing, as well as retaining customers in a globalized market is a formidable task. As the growth and the maturity of globalization occur, more opportunities are available to find as well as nature customers. It is essential for the Coca Cola Company to think of developing a global orientation as well as cooperative culture. It is also essential for the company to consider making a far-reaching adjustment in the manner by which its operations are managed.

It is until recently that Coca Cola Company started changing with time and this followed the growing attitude of the customers to consume health-conscious products. It is also expected that the change witnessed in the company currently will spread in the entire world. It is essential for the company to prioritize the health of its clients as this will form the avenue of its success in this competitive world (Colquitt, Lepine, & Wesson, 2015).    



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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