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IntroductionOrganizational behaviour in a broader sense can be defined as the study plus the application of knowledge in trying to know how individuals, people and groups behave and function in the organizations in which they work. This process can be seen to be done effectively through the use of a system approach and this particular system approach may include things like the performance training to the workers and the criterion referenced instruction. So you find that it is in these systems approach that many organizations can use to be in a position to interpret the workers’ relationship with the organization and this can be analyzed in terms of the whole organization, person or even whole groups so that the organization can be in a position to know how these three elements interact in trying to produce goods and services in the organization.

Thus you will find that the role of studying the organizational behaviour is of paramount importance in that it helps the organization to try and maintain better relationships which can only be achieved through the organizational, employees’ and lastly the social objectives which can be accrued in the process of carrying out the activities which are done by the organization.

This tells us that studying organizational behaviour involves the study of many things like the workers’ performance, leadership, change, teams, human behaviour, communication, motivation, group formation and structure, organizational design and its structure, culture and its strategy, decision making, conflicts, power and conflicts among other areas of concern. Through the paper, I am going to try and analyze these key elements with a reference to the Fire and Rescue Service in the U. K.

(Argyris, 2000)Analysis of the organizationThe fire and rescue service is one of the most important organizations in the UK since most of the organizations are prone to many risks including fires. It’s due to such risks and uncertainties that fire and rescue services have grown more not only in the US but also in other countries. A good example to explain is the Merseyside fire and rescue service in the US. At Merseyside fire and rescue, workers are seen to work in corporation through the set rules and regulations which have been established by the management.

According to business ethics, it’s quite ethical for any organization to have a code of conduct and through this most of the workers have been in a position to work effectively with little supervision. At Merseyside fire and rescue, you also find that workers are trained so that we can have improved performance in the organization. Training is very important if the organization aims to succeed. Thus you find that training is given to workers through seminars and workshops, facilitated by the organization's management and hence it’s through this training that the workers can be seen to have improved performance in the provision of services to most of our customers.

(Argyris, 2000)How workers are motivatedWorkers are motivated at Merseyside through good wages. You tend to find that most of the organizations fail because they underpay workers as compared to their work. However, here workers are given a good package with benefits like insurance, transport, housing and health allowances. Most workers can be given benefits so that in case of any risk which might happen, they can easily be compensated for.

(Likert, 2000).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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