Essays on Organizational Change - Energy City Qatar Case Study

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The paper 'Organizational Change - Energy City Qatar" is a good example of a management case study. I had a chance to work in Energy City Qatar a Real Estate company located in Doha Qatar. This company has maintained a competitive advantage over the past years due to the provision of quality services and products. I was working as an external appointee head in the finance department. This department was undergoing a number of changes to enhance its performance and attract more clients. Since the company is a multimillionaire company, there has been an urgent need to ensure that resources are well managed and channeled to projects that aid company growth.

Company managers came to the conclusion of changing the management of the company from Arab to European management. The finance department was previously divided into two subsections (auditing and accounting sections) with each having its own head. After the financial review done in 2008, the management came up with changes and decided to amalgamate the two subsections into one hence forming a common administrator for the two sub-sections. This meant that an overall leader was required to administrate the sub-sections as one unit.

Since appointing ahead from one of the leaders in these subsections was deemed inappropriate, the management came to the conclusion of having an external appointee to take up the position and responsibility of managing 20 employees. Staff members were not consulted in the determination and implementation of change. The employees had developed a negative attitude towards each other owing to a lack of a good information flow in change implementation. The change implementation process took longer before being enacted.

Speculations about redundancy in the accounting sub-section were rife for a long time. In reaction to this false redundancy, the management team at the highest level declared the administrative section in accounting redundant. This declaration meant that all the staff in the accounting section had to reapply for their own jobs. Consequently, there were a lot of negative perceptions about the values espoused by the organization.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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