Essays on The Role of Organisation Behavior in the Operations of a Public Service Organisation Literature review

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The paper "The Role of Organisation Behavior in the Operations of a Public Service Organisation" is an outstanding example of a management literature review. An organisation is identified and characterized by its leadership style and structure as well as its organizational culture. The combination thus attained uniquely by each organisation, is what is referred to in modern literature, as the organization behavior (Appleby, 1994). According to Appleby (1994), each organisation is patterned differently as regards leadership style and structure. Each organisation has a particular culture (the way things are done). Each organisation has a set of code of belief systems and order of getting things done.

That is what results in the organization’ s behavior, one uniquely identifiable in each organisation. Employees ranging from the most junior to the most senior, the leadership itself, the stakeholders of that organisation and any other significant public of the organisation (i. e. suppliers, sub-contractors etc) all act in accordance with the patterned organisation behavior (Mullins, 2004). In this light, this paper postulates the thesis that an organisation targets, behaves, performs and achieves what its leadership and culture prioritize and enforces since leadership and culture are two interlinked factors that form the template on which everything is done in such an organisation.

In other words, Mullins (2004) says that the success of an organisation in all its operations is prescribed by its leadership and its culture. This brief essay thus examines the role of organizational behavior in the operations of a public service organisation. To achieve this end, the essay assumes a case study approach of an accounting department within an organisation. The organization’ s setting is in Saudi Arabia and thus prescribing and or conforming to the contextual cultural and social surroundings of this Middle East nation.

The purpose of the essay is to arrive at a viable generalization on the role of organizational leadership and culture in its core operations. The essay begins with a brief on the organisation and the department under scrutiny before embarking on a theoretical definition of the twin concepts of leadership and culture. After the background information is provided, the essay then proceeds to review the available literature on organisation behavior before inspecting the leadership structure and style within the accounting department and how this underpins its performance.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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