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The paper "Importance of Employee Motivation " is an outstanding example of a management assignment.   Employee motivation helps to improve the performance of the company. When there is low market demand, some employees can be laid off to remain with manageable employees. Motivation enables an organization to achieve a competitive advantage using human skills (Kreitner & Kinicki 2014). In this regard, therefore, this report will discuss the main concepts of organizational behavior, in particular, employee motivation. Why is it important to focus on motivating employees who survive a layoff? Motivation is the process which people become willing to do work when their desires and needs are taken into consideration to achieve certain goals.

Motivation is important in several ways to sustain employees who have been laid off by accompany. To start with employees who survive a layoff, there is a need for them to be recognized and to be rewarded fairly (Kreitner & Kinicki 2014). This increases employee commitment towards the activities of an organization by working hard and willing to work extra hours hence efficiency work will be achieved. On the other hand, it is important to focus on motivating employees by creating opportunities for advancement.

Whereby an employer will offer training to his employees so that they can advance their areas of interest (Kreitner & Kinicki 2014). Hence this will increase productivity to a high level and the size of organization structure will increase, therefore creating room for employment. Another importance of motivating employees is to make them feel part and parcel of that organization. When employees are being recognized by the effort they make to achieve the organizational goals, they feel proud to be members of that organization (Kreitner & Kinicki 2014).

Hence, they are free to communicate their views and suggestions to managements without any problem. In addition, motivation can retain the number of workforces. When an employer takes employees needs seriously, they are assured of their future demands and the opportunity for promotions to higher responsibilities (Kreitner & Kinicki 2014). Therefore, this will improve the reputation of the company and it will attract more competent employees from the labor market. Also, motivation can improve the morale of employees who have survived a layoff.

This can be achieved when management avoids overloading employees by giving work which is enough to each employee, managements should also create free day rest so that each employee can have fun with his or her family members and also management should allow teamwork when they have a lot to be done hence this will create unity (Neal 2014). Finally, motivation is important as it improves employees and employer relationships. When we have a proper channel of communication from the top management to subordinates, we will have positive feedback and this will create harmony and we will have a good employee-employer relationship (Neal 2014).

Hence the number of disputes will reduce and absenteeism and labour turnover will go down. To what extent is Conaty’ s advice consistent with equity and expectancy theory? The Conaty’ s advice is consistent with the equity theory and the expectancy theory. The equity theory explains that the employees should be treated equally so that they do not develop conflicts amongst them. For instance, the employees who have the same qualifications should be paid equally. This is dependent on other factors which help to rank the employees the same job group like the experience and the position held (Neal 2014).

The equity theory should be implemented taking into consideration the available workload once the layoff has been implemented. The survivors of layoff should be treated equally to ensure that there is no discrimination as this will motivate the employees who have survived the layoff. This will improve the morale of the employees leading to improved productivity to meet the needs of the customers.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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