Essays on Organisational Conditions for Service Encounter-Based Innovation Assignment

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The paper "Organizational Conditions for Service Encounter-Based Innovation" is a wonderful example of an assignment on marketing. The service encounter is termed as the moment of truth for the organization as it determines whether the customers are satisfied with the services of the company. Consumer behavior factors also play an important role in terms of influencing the service encounter. The report is based on personal experience with different service providers and the concepts of service encounters have been utilized. The first encounter is based on a visit to a restaurant where the issues of culture have been analyzed.

The experience was good as the concepts of culture were considered. The second encounter is based on the visit to the airport for the purposes of obtaining a ticket. The three-stage model of service consumption has been had been analyzed about the experience where it is recommended that more should be done by the company in terms of availing information. The disconfirmation of the expectation model has been analyzed on the third encounter which is based in a private hospital. According to the analysis, the service encounter was not as good as it did not meet the expectations.

The last encounter is at a bank where positioning has been analyzed. This is an important marketing concept that also plays an important role in terms of enhancing the service encounter. It has been recommended that the companies should put in place measures that will ensure that the customers are satisfied and their expectations are met in order to enhance the service encounter. Introduction The service encounter by the customers is an important stage as it involves the direct interaction of the customers and the service providers.

The service encounter may influence the decision-making process of the customers with regards to the future use of the services (Zapf, 2010). The service providers, on the other hand, have to enrich the service encounter in order to ensure that the customers are satisfied and thus maintaining the customers and attracting new ones. The service encounter is sometimes regarded as the moment of truth as it determines the reaction of the customers. In some instances, the customers have experienced a bad encounter with the service providers which greatly affects the relationship between the customer and the service provider.

Several factors also affect the service encounter and hence the need for the service provider to put in place initiatives that will ensure that the customers are satisfied (Mattsson, 2013). The paper thus discusses four service encounters based a personal experience among different service providers in the last three months. The service encounters include; obtaining a ticket at the airport, ordering food at a restaurant, transacting at a bank and a hospital visit.

Various theories will also be used with the aim of analyzing the service encounters and they include; control theory, role theory, a three-stage model of service, disconfirmation of expectations model and script theory.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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