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Essays on Organisational Culture Can Have A Positive Or Negative Effect On Organisational Effectiveness Essay

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IntroductionThe culture has been considered as the genetic code of the organization and will be significant from different perspectives. There is large number of organizations in the world which is culturally embedded. This article will be covering the organizational culture in lieu of real world examples. Norms will be telling people to behave and culture will be having an influence on thinking, feeling and sense making. Any type of culture has to be seen as advantage and disadvantage position and each culture will not be easy to imitate. Cultures can be a liability in the sense that it will be creating a barrier in the organization to change and will be creating barriers to organizations to diversify and get into mode of mergers and acquisition.

The organizational traits like the image that it represents on the mind of the consumers, the things, the events, the mission statement and the constitution of an organization will be giving a analysis of the culture that the organization is trying to project and achieve. There are usually four metrics to the organizational culture like the hierarchy, adhocracy, clan and market.

The hierarchy model will be representing more of process driven organization and adhocracy will be representing the more flexible nature of the organization. Real world example of positive organizational culture that has led to organizational effectivenessIndian organizations founded by Tata, Godrej and various other organizations have been maintaining a typical kind of culture over the decades. ( Roy, 2004)There are new type of organizations like NIIT, Wipro, Ranbaxy, Sundaram Fasteners and others which have evolved being market driven. (Roy, 2004)A brief history of the Southwest airlineSouthwest airlines have grown from a four plane regional carrier to become United States fifth largest airline in less than thirty years.

Moreover the company has grown to become a $4 billion company and has been serving fifty two cities in 26 states. ( Charles A. O'Reilly, Jeffrey Pfeffer) The company has been famous for its low cost services and highly acclaimed services like on-time performance, the issue of lost bags and effectively dealing with customer complaints. Southwest airlines have been ranked as one of the safest airlines of the eighty-five major airlines.

It has been said as the sole US airline that has been in profit for the last 36 years and that has been attributed mainly to the offbeat culture of having fun with employees and customers. (Charles A. O'Reilly, Jeffrey Pfeffer) The leadership has been people oriented and the famous question that everyone will have is if success is there for Southwest airlines then why no one is replicating it? There has been many attempt on the part of small start up airlines like Vanguard, America West, Reno, Kiwi Air, and has failed to have the model replicated successfully that can be said as easily understandable by a three year old child. Southwest has been on the path of uninterrupted growth throughout. ( Charles A.

O'Reilly, Jeffrey Pfeffer)Southwest Airlines has been found by Rollin King, Lamar Muse, and Herbert Kelleher and it was in the year 1968, Southwest has been allowed to fly over Texas. That had got into legal tangle and it took more than three years before the first flight took off. Southwest started off with three Boeing airlines on its carrier and Southwest lost $ 3.7 in the first year flying.

Southwest got into profit books in the year 1973 and Southwest had to sell a plane when it started making it have only three planes. (Charles A. O'Reilly, Jeffrey Pfeffer) The company had the courage of saying the truth to employees and devised a plan of flying the schedules with three planes. That was beginning of the concept of flying around very faster. ” Make Love not war” has been the theme that has been used by Southwest airlines and Southwest airlines has encouraged employees to identify with others and deliver great customer service and have fun.

Southwest had a zero market share in the year 1989 in California market and it become the leading passenger boarding in the year 1993.Southwest has been having a pricing strategy that matches car transportation. ( Charles A. O'Reilly, Jeffrey Pfeffer)

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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