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Organizational Leadership and PerformanceIntroductionExcellent leadership is a key in the current competitive global economy. It is obvious that the difference between failure and success of an organization relies on leadership. Bennet (2009) asserts that the importance of good leadership in the current global changes cannot be overstated. Indeed, leadership is the primary force that determines the competitiveness of an organization in the global economy. According to George, (2003), leadership capacity provides the driving force for structure, strategies and methods of managing resources. The attributes that dominate in leadership are vision, goal orientation, influence and character.

Leaders’ role is to work with people and influence them. This requires them to use data, projects, mix concepts, and behavioral exercises in developing team and leadership skills. There are different leadership dimensions such as charismatic, human-oriented, task-oriented, transformational and transactional leadership that determines their outcomes. Charismatic leadership who are value based, and team-oriented leadership are among the most supported and universally endorsed. Other leadership dimensions also on global profile are participative and humane, autonomous and self-protective leadership are also accepted. Cultural differences influence the way people think about leaders, and the norms for granting status, privileges and influence to leaders.

There is leadership dimensions associated with organizational and societal culture. Hitt, Keats, & Yucel (2003) argue that the need to adapt systems, structure and processes is increasing globally. Since organizations are different in relation to their mission, strategy and structure is defined by this mission. Globalization refers to a concept whereby different economies in the world are seen to unify or amalgamate with each other through reduction of barriers such as tariffs of international trade, quotas on imports and fee that is related to exports.

Oddo (2008) asserts that indeed, globalization mainly focuses on maximizing economies of those countries that are related to products, services and wealth by fostering and developing international relations, competition and understanding. It specifies operations and processes that may be utilized by the cultures, businesses and economies with the assistance of various modes such as distribution networks, supply chain activities and communications. Globalization is recognized as being driven by technological, biological, economical and political factors. With this as the setting it is instructive to analyze successful leader in and determine the leadership style in the organization in the current global economy. Apple Inc. Steve Jobs may be described as a great leader in the current globalization as he steered major changes across the organizations scenario.

One cannot rule out the fact that his leadership style has made him be admired by many. As much as he was someone to be feared, he was a great leader in the Apple Inc. Apple Inc. was formally known as Apple Computer, Inc. it provides personal computer and consumer electronics.

The company also operates retail stores in numerous countries. Other products include portable media players, computer software and hardware. It is well known for Mac line of personal computers and the iPod, a portable media player. It prides itself as the second brand in the computer industry. Steve Jobs, Ronald Wayne and Steve Wozinak founded the company in 1979. Apple Inc. is seen to do pretty well in the current global markets as a result of operative capabilities and integrated resources that are the outcomes of globalization.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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