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Organizational Leadership and PerformanceOutline and discuss a recent change that occurred in your organization. Explain how as a leader, you would manage that change or improve your management of change. The biggest challenge facing leaders in every organization today is change. Leaders will continue to face this challenge even in the next generation. Change challenges and confronts the ability of leaders to remain relevant and create value for customers. It is crucial to comprehend how to engage employees and lead the organization in collaborating around change as an organizational manager.

An individual cannot solely manage change in an organization (Vivien, Euan & Charlesworth, 2010). Therefore, organizational leaders must identify new and different ways to grow; moreover, they must be consistent in the identification and resolving of critical change issues. Embracing change can be either exciting or chilling depending on how the change is welcomed within an organization. This study outlines and discusses a recent change that was occasioned by position eliminations in my organization. It further explains how as a leader, I would manage that change or improve my management of change. As a leader, I will try to address the above situation by focusing on recommended coping techniques and overall themes.

These techniques include how I would handle emotions of employees during the time of change, reassigning and reorganizing jobs that need to be done. As a leader, this would help me lead the entire organization through the process of transition. The following discussion is based on what employees would expect from me as their leader during this time of uncertainty. How change affects leadersLeaders must also be treated like any other human being.

Managing employees during transition periods is not easy. It is not easy to manage people during times of change. As a leader, such a time requires that I remain at the top of my game because the task is unique and inherently difficult. As a leader, I would start by acknowledging my own concerns and feelings about the changes occurring in the business. I will then think about how the changes taking place at the organizations have affected me. I will only be able to empathize with others if I organize my emotions and thoughts properly (Harvard Business School Press, 2005).

I should always remember that helping my employees move forward is the most crucial element. This will be my benchmark during the transition period in the organization. As a leader, I will have to find out the following key issues: It would be necessary to determine whether the transition time has been stressful, challenging, unpredictable, or demanding. I would also seek to know whether my experience as a leader was successful in managing employees during change. This may include things like spending extra time with them, communicating informally or formally, and through regular scheduled meetings.

My leadership requirements demand the alteration of my normal schedule whilst availing myself to them. It would be beneficial for me to find out the challenges that I have undergone before as a leader. This may include handling people or getting the departmental work done. Finally, I would write down any concern that I feel would be of immense importance then identify resources within the organization that would help me solve the problem (Thomas, 2004).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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