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The paper "Organisational Leadership and Performance" is a perfect example of an assignment on management. The globalized environment has not only opened up business opportunities for companies but has also challenged leaders to adopt more diverse leadership approaches in response to the increasing cultural diversity of the global workforce. This paper will discuss how leadership has changed in the global business environment and will specifically use Virgin Atlantic’ s Chief Executive Officer – Sir Richard Branson as an exemplar of a leader worth emulating. The paper commences with a general introduction of leadership in the global context and will narrow down to the changes that leaders in the globalized business environment have had to make in order to competitively position the organizations they lead. In summary, the writer argues that strategic flexibility is an aspect that leaders need to adopt not only in how they relate with the workforce they lead but also in how they communicate to their juniors.

The writer notes that while not all leaders appreciate the need to change in order to conform to the globalized environment, most of those who resist change register poor performance outcomes than those who are flexible enough to adopt changes. Leadership in the globalized environmentEven before global integration took place to become what is now commonly referred to as globalization, scholars and analysts generally agreed that leaders are defined by the functions and responsibilities that they have.

Dalglish and Miller (2010) for example state that the tasks and functions of a leader include “ creating a vision, direction or goals. ..; communicating with followers. ..; motivating and empowering. ..; affirming/reaffirming values. ..; aligning people (i. e. the management of meaning and achieving workable unity). ..; serving as a symbol. ..; the management of trust. ..; and the management of self” (p.

6). In other words, Dalglish and Miller (2010) are referring to the fact that effective leaders have multiple roles to play. For example, leaders focus the attention of the workforce to a compelling vision that they have in regards to where the organization should be in the future. Additionally, they communicate effectively to their followers and by so doing, they are able to make and pass meaning.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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