Essays on Change in Leadership Style due to the Current Global Business World - BHP Billiton Case Study

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The paper 'Change in Leadership Style due to the Current Global Business World - BHP Billiton " is a good example of a management case study. With the increasingly global world, organizations need to have good leadership which can be able to run the organizations well. Globalization requires an organization to serve customers from various corners of the world, having employees and all other stakeholders from various places and not only from a certain region. A good leader should not only have the qualifications required but also the right qualities. Such qualities are like the ability to work in a team, good communication skills, listening to others' opinions and ideas among others.

Without good qualities, a leader cannot help in attaining the organization's goal in this global world with many businesses coming up making competition stiffer (White, 2007). Leadership is, therefore, the act of directing others through providing clear communication concerning what they are required to do and what they should not do within the structure of the organization. Leadership style on the other hand is the leader’ s way or style of giving directions, motivating members, and implementing plans. The chosen leader There are several types of leadership styles such as; innovative, servant, Laissez-faire, command and control, charismatic, pacesetter, situational, and transformational.

The manager of Billiton Company is my chosen leader. The Billiton Company is among the most successful companies in Australia serving customers from several countries. Billiton's manager is a servant leader. As any manager, the manager directs other employees concerning what to do through allocating them duties and responsibilities towards attaining the organization’ s goal. As a servant leader, the manager is not a dictator.

He is so understanding listens to any idea and opinion from his subordinates and treats all of them fairly without any form of discrimination (Zonis, 2003). He is, therefore very admirable by many companies in the country and this is what makes the Billiton Company prosper the way it is. How the leadership has changed within the context of globalization Globalization has lead to firms being faced with stiffer competition than before. With the increasing technology, many firms tend to venture into new businesses exploiting each and every opportunity so as to make a profit.


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