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The paper "Leadership Change in Globalized Context" is a great example of management coursework.   Leadership has its roots in the commencement of civilization. The Greek heroes, biblical patriarchs and Egyptian rulers all have the aspect of leadership in common. Leadership development is a process that requires leaders to develop an emotional resonance with other people. Due to the growing acknowledgement that leadership does not only involve the development of individual leaders, but there is also need to focus on the various contexts in which effective leadership is developed at the same time considering the best ways in which leadership competencies can be balanced with life issues.

This essay argues that, while globalization has created business opportunities, managing its impacts within organisations has not been easy. It requires effective and persistent leadership to sustain the performance of the organisation. The paper commences with the introduction and definition of keywords- globalization and leadership-, and then a discussion of the elements of an effective leader, principles of successful leadership development within the globalized context. The essay ends by giving the conclusion alongside my views and recommendations about leadership in a globalized environment. Introduction With the advent of globalization, leaders have been forced to devise new means of thinking about leadership and its development.

Traditional business models are ever-changing as globalization spreads. Convergence is becoming a common phenomenon as competitors assume the roles of suppliers and consumers. The boundaries of the industry are rapidly disappearing, while global enterprises emerge fast. Often unanticipated and uncharted global shifts are experienced regularly within organisations, thus making difficult for leaders to guide their organisations towards creation f value to their customers, investors, employees and partners.

In a complex global environment, there is no specific model that fits a wide range of situations encountered by leaders. Therefore, leaders are expected to use their leadership and management skills appropriately to deal with the challenges that arise in order to move their respective organizations from one state to another. Definition of terms The term globalization refers to the process of eliminating barriers to communication, trade and cultural exchange. From an economic perspective, it refers to the move to the move to an integrated and interdependent world economy.

On the other hand, leadership refers to the ability of an individual (leader) to use personal power to influence or win the minds and hearts of people to work as one entity towards the achievement of a common goal. Sound leadership is necessary when implementing change within a globalized environment because the process involves dealing with the problems that face the organization. According to Roger (2003), management of change in a globalized environment requires a leader to be a plan, organise, direct and control all steps taken. The effectiveness of managing change is determined by the existing structures of leadership.

For an organisation to realize success in a global context, it requires visionary leadership as well as shared values which are compatible with the strategy and vision of implementing change (Dalglish & Miller, 2010). There are advantages and disadvantages of globalisation. The levels of change in leadership profiles from the past tom present and to the future have interesting repercussions for the development of leadership, with both emerging trend s and consistent themes. Qualities of effective leadership such as communication of shared vision, focusing on results, ensuring customer satisfaction and demonstrating integrity will never change regardless of the context.

However, the following factors have emerged as more essential for successful management of the organisation in the future.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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