Essays on Organisational Leadership And Performance MM324 Essay

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IntroductionOrganizational leadership is much attributed to its performance as it is through this that there is increase in efficiency in the organization not leaving behind performance. All sectors in an organization consider leadership to be the core of productive performance and a way of having a competitive advantage among other companies. Investing heavily on quality leadership in an organization will ensure that there is increased managerial competency that will lead to delivery of organizational objectives leading to performance that is highly valued in the organization and other organizations. Leadership can be termed as a process whereby an individual influences others in order to achieve a certain goal.

Gill (2006) describes leadership as a characteristic of quality interaction among members in the same organization in the way they deal with problem solving with the aim of achieving a common goal. Leadership incorporates establishing a direction in which visions and motivations can be given to a particular group of individuals to ensure that there is effective performance. The following essay will focus its attention on the dynamics facing organizations within the context of a globalised business environment.

This will be discussed in relation to the following concepts: CosmopolitanismLeaders ability to make faster and correct changesFormation for alliances and partnershipWorking with diverse culturesSocial responsibilityChanging leadership attitudesChanges in the leadership structuresChanges in application of leadership theoriesAbility to make decisions faster Changes in leadership in the context of a globalised business environment Global challenges: working with diverse culturesThis poses a major threat in incorporating globalization in leadership performance context. As Marquis (2008) says, it is a challenge that many firms experience when exposed to diversity as different people have different views on how to handle businesses and make them yield successful performance.

Though through diversity there can be a significant profits in the business, most organizations find it as a challenge and prefer working with a particular culture. By embracing and appreciating multiculturalism and diversity in an organization, there is cohesion which enables different perspectives and functions to be accomplished. Modern day firms have incorporated diversity in leadership employment that ensures multiculturalism throughout the organization. By applying diversity in an organization, firms are eligible to have higher performance because they incorporate diverse practices which can be combined to bring positive results.

To ensure that there is successful leadership, there must be appreciation of different opinions from other cultures and recognition of diversity. Taking the example of Page in his organization, he has tried to incorporate people from all backgrounds in his organization hence in any kind of information required; Google provides solutions basing on diverse backgrounds. Google celebrates cultural diversity by incorporating all cultures and setting aside dates that employees can celebrate their diverse backgrounds and the organization encourages people to come as they are and it is through this that a global environment is reached. Social responsibilityIn a firm, there has to be social responsibility and it is through being social with the community that a global perspective of successful performance is gotten.

Being socially responsible means that anything given to the public derives maximum benefit and does not in any way meant to distort the organizational public image but it is mean to improve the company image. Through participating in community events and having interactions with various stakeholders in the community like politicians, a company is able to know the needs and wants of the society and come up with strategies that can lead to organizational performance(Yana and Christoph, n.d).

The modern day leaders are very much concerned with global views of customers on their products and it is through great concern that companies yield much profit. The community plays an integral part in leadership and performance as it is through the community that there is an interconnection of a globalized environment.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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