Essays on Organisational Performance - Clarendon Primary School Case Study

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The paper 'Organisational Performance - Clarendon Primary School " is an outstanding example of a business case study.   Development of a child starts at an early age. Schools play a primary role in shaping the child as the majority of the time is spent there. It inculcates a habit in a child which he uses as he grows up and brings about a change in behaviour. One such school is the Clarendon Primary School. The school imparts primary education and was started in 1885. (Clarendon Website, 2011) The school has students in the range from 50 to 150 but inclement weather, housework and other conditions always ensured that the school had around 100 students.

The school is situated in Adelaide, Australia. (Clarendon Website, 2011) The school generally provides education to the poor and improvised who are not able to go to school and work to feed them. The school has ensured students get proper education by ensuring teachers and books which help to impart proper education. The objective thus is to impart education by teaching the various art of management like team spirit, behaviour and communication by setting the target and measuring the performance to see if the objective was achieved. The Australian government has taken steps and ensures different laws and regulation which looks towards the education for primary children.

The government has set up a Ministerial Council for Education, Early Childhood Development and Youth Affairs which looks to ensure that the education imparted is of high standards. (MCEECDYA, 2011) An independent body with the name Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority is also looking towards a curriculum on the national level which will help to monitor the performance of the school and develop better education imparting tools.

(ACARA, 2011) The Ministerial Council for Education, Early Childhood Development and Youth Affairs have developed a new program and scheme by the name National Information Agreement on Early Childhood Education and Care which looks to improve the education imparted to primary children. (MCEECDYA, 2011) In this reform, the government looks to improve collecting, reporting and sharing information related to early childhood education and develop a mechanism through which the education is imparted thereby enabling them to grow.

(MCEECDYA, 2011) The government also has a different mechanism through which monitoring is done but this involves better reporting and monitoring thereby enabling to find the area that the schools need to work on to improve education. Clarendon Primary School follows the management practices followed in organizations as they identify the area where they need to work upon to improve the quality of education. They have identified various factors which will help them to ensure that they are on track to achieve their objective. The school has a set of behaviour management code which ensures that they are able to deliver quality education.

(Behaviour Management, 2011) They ensure that the rights of students, teachers and stakeholders are protected by ensuring discipline, disclosure and proper monitoring of the performance of all. (Behaviour Management, 2011) Clarendon Primary School which has a mix of different culture and background rely on brainstorming to find the ways in which the school can benefit and achieve their objective. Group Thinking is a phenomenon which involves people from various backgrounds, culture, religion, and caste to come together and discuss something thereby arriving at a consensus.

Group thinking is widely used today and the most business decision is arrived at after conducting a group thinking process. Clarendon Primary School uses it to ensure that the system to monitor the performance and to see the development of students is as per desired.


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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