Essays on Organizational Problem Solving Coursework

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The paper "Organizational Problem Solving" is a perfect example of management coursework.   This paper intends to reveal a common organizational problem that I have encountered at work which caused a great impact that nearly set all the workers off-balance forcing some of them to prepare resignation letters. Many staff members complained continuously, and few had a clue about how to resolve the issue. An organization that has been operating for more than a decade has an established system of operation probably with proper documentation of procedures. In addition, its structure is well defined, and a clear procedure for settling conflicts and managing problems/difficulties are also well defined.

However, in my case, there was an issue that caught up with the organization I was working for, and hence left most of the operations staggering. Description of the problem and how it rose The organization deals with curriculum and syllabus development. It was massively involved with organizing workshops, seminars and book evaluation. In this case, the nature of the organization forced it to have various different departments like procurement, stores, human resource management, transportation and housekeeping.

Most of the workers in the organization had worked there for more than seven years. Most of the operations in these departments were carried out manually. There came a time where the country was hit by a wave of technological improvement that forced most organizations to automate their systems in order to build greater levels of accuracy and to improve the speed of activities to catch up with global trends. There was a big wave that blew from all sides, and it demanded every person involved in these operations to be well informed on automation, its purpose and benefits.

Therefore, staff members had to start storing information in computers as opposed to paperwork and filling. Additionally, communication through email had to be intensified as opposed to usage of fax and letters. Intranet and internet tools had to be installed to ensure that the system was well implemented to enhance communication within the organization and outside the organization. For instance, the procurement department had to start floating quotations using e-mails and to send local purchase orders (LPOs) using emails.

This became a great problem where very few were ready to embrace change. Instead, most of the staff members were in a state of inertia and deeply resisting the change. This incidence demanded answers from the management. Top management had to come up with a definite decision promptly to cab the laxity and to build a positive attitude that would help the employees to embrace the new technology that had been introduced in the form of a wave. This was checked as a problem because most of the operations were stuck and very little was being achieved leading to violation of the organization’ s vision and mission.

Moreover, most employees were feeling displaced, and motivation to work was low. Some of the employees even felt like the changes were introduced as a disguised method of laying-off the employees. Most of them had worked in that organization for more than seven years. They were used to the traditional methods of storing information. Changing needed a definite method of managing change. Use of manual systems of operation was like a culture to the organization right from the top management to the subordinate staff.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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