Essays on Understanding the Human Resource Management Failures at Veroxy Inc Ltd Research Proposal

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The paper "Understanding the Human Resource Management Failures at Veroxy Inc Ltd" is a good example of a management research proposal.   Veroxy Inc. Ltd is a speculative pharmaceutical company manufacturing human drugs used in hospitals and clinics for treating patients. The company operations including production and overall efficiency have been on the decline for the past six months and market analysts together with different company stakeholders have identified failures in Human Resource Management as the singular cause for reduced productivity. The top management of the company is determined to get to the root cause of the continued underperformance.

This research proposal sets out a clear proposed procedure to conduct intensive research to establish or affirm that the failures in HRM practices are the cause for the decline in Whitener Inc. 's overall productivity. This proposal regards Whitener as a single case study where failures in HRM are the core issues and hence will serve as the focal point for data collection. In this regard, company documentation specifically related to HRM will be extensively examined to provide the basis and other fundamental information for the case study.

Further, using a sequential explanatory mixed-method case study approach, a cross-section of staff will be surveyed with respect to their take on the company’ s HRM practices. Consequently, semi-structured interviews together with a sub-sample of survey participants will also be conducted. Introduction This research proposal gives a clear plan for undertaking a mixed methods investigations into a single holistic case study organization. The research will zero down to all HRM activities that the company has initiated for the last six months that have culminated in the company’ s underperformance.

The main actors in this event will Veroxy’ s staff who have been working with the company for the past six months. The sequential explanatory mixed methods design will be employed to; using a cross-sectional survey, a myriad of staff views about the company’ s HR practices will be measured. In-depth qualitative interviews will be used to determine personal views about HRM practices. Accordingly, the survey elements of the research design will be guided by positivist assumptions while the qualitative interview components will be aided by the constructivist assumptions.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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