Essays on Organisational Transformation In Practice Assignment

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In the contemporary change laden corporate realm, personal development in the context of experience in an organization is closely linked to company change process. The context of organizational change involves the shift from one cultural component to a new style perceived to be superior over the existing one. Successful change in the organization entails both changes at the firm and personal levels, hence the need to focus on both phenomena in the process of realizing the transformative process. Learning institutions often initiate changes aimed at inducting, upgrading performance, and enhancing learning outcomes.

Such changes often entail transitions in the existing reading, teaching, and management of different department, technological and organizational structure. These changes require proper planning, involvement of all stakeholders in the entire process and creation of awareness about the intended change initiative. Leadership change on the other hand plays a critical role in the successful initiation and implementation of organizational change policy. The leadership must critically study the behavior and attitude towards change in order to evaluate the best approaches of initing any organizational changes. According to Bawany (2010), organizations must have leaders capable of predicting the near future, inspiring and motivating workers, and other stakeholders to adapt to inevitable changes in the organization.

Emotionally intelligent leaders in many cases emerge as the most effective leaders especially in learning institutions like universities that require frequent transformative programs to foster progressive performance for both students and the workers. Such leaders play an important role in the establishment of a highly cohesive working environment that is crucial in the success of organizational change. Personal experience in any given change initiative can be determined through the awareness, desire, knowledge, ability and reinforcement(ADKAR) model applied by change managers to evaluate the potential individual experience in institutional transformation initiatives.

According to Sugunthalakshmi and Muthuvelayutham (2011), the ADKAR model is applied by change managers to focus on the potential results associated with organizational change. The main purpose of this critical report is to provide an evaluation and reflective perspective of personal experience in an organizational change; in this context a University setting. Problems Leading to the Change InitiativeOwing to a poor trend in students’ performance and lack of motivation among the professors and the general university workforce, the university administration decided to initiate a series of changes in the institution’s culture including changes in the reading and teaching portfolios, and departmental leadership.

The school administration needed to introduce new teaching and learning strategies aimed at improving the general performance in the institution. The proposed changes included revision of the teaching and study schedules, and reduction in the number of students in every class as well as establishing ways of motivating staff in the college fraternity.

The school also intended to introduce significant technology application in the teaching process to facilitate learning outcomes in the study. The proposed technological changes included introduction of online database to ease the work loads of delivering lecture notes on hardcopies as well as creation of a reading culture among the students. As shared by Beerel (2009) changes were to be implemented by the information technology (IT) department in conjunction with the school library and other departments. The management at the school library was given the role of subscribing to different scholarly journal websites among other credible sources of information to increase the pool of scholary resources available to the students.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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