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The paper “ Organising a Graduation Celebration Meeting in a Diploma Place” is an impressive variant of the presentation on management. The committee in charge of organizing for the graduation ceremony at the University of Cambridge will be responsible for the planning, development, and implementation of the program. This will hover require a team of qualified personnel who possess the skills and experience necessary in the successful organization of the meeting. The committee will include the following officials: The chairperson will be responsible for calling and chairing all meetings as provided for by the dictates of the group.

In addition, he will also be responsible for the acceptance of minutes of previous meetings with approval form membersOrganizing Secretary who will be responsible for the identification of meeting venue and communicating to the rest of the members on matters related to the meeting. He or she will be responsible for minute taking and safekeeping of all records from the meetingsThe interest coordinator will be responsible for creating an association between the external environment and the graduation celebration organizing committee. This will include addressing the concerns and needs of the committee with those of the external parties such as the diploma place, and the graduates. The planning officer will be responsible for the organization of events regarding the graduation celebration.

This will include the acquisition of venue and making any payments on behalf of the committee. Each member of the committee will have the responsibility of heading all of the positions before the graduation ceremony. This is aimed at proving the members with the necessary skills and experience that are considered essential in the organization of events and in the management of meetings. Meeting arrangementsVenueAll the meetings for the organization of the graduation celebration will be held in the Communication Lecture Hall within the university premises.

This will happen with the exception of unavoidable circumstances. The choice of this venue was because it is easily accessible considering that all members of the organizing committee are members of the university who reside within the institution premises making it convenient (Gaines 2010, p. 4).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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