Essays on Shinny Florist Business Strategy Case Study

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The paper "Shinny Florist Business Strategy" is a perfect example of a business case study. The business will be operating on a daily basis, dealing with a wide range of flowers and decorations. Synthetic flowers and manufacturing machines for simple designs and modification of the procured products. The supply of flowers will cover the demand for daily consumers who use flowers in their interior decorations. It will also cover for the customers who use flowers to prepare various designs in their houses and various ceremonies they hold at their homesteads. The other customers cover for children who use balloons to play since the shop is located near the park.

This a location where children come to play on a daily basis. Balloons are in high demand when children come to play in the park. Gift cards will also serve to satisfy customers who have their relatives in the nearby school. They will be in great demand for graduations in schools and colleges. 8.Target market The target market will be the nearby schools and homes. Demographic characteristics of the market will consider the ages of 5-50 years of age.

This is a population that requires flowers almost in their daily activities especially children. The sociographic distribution will include mostly the youth who use the flowers for decorations and ceremonies. 9.Marketing strategy The business will implement a rapid strategy to create an advertisement and promote various products and services. The business will use posters and utilize internet marketing. The use of social media to promote business products and services will facilitate the outreach of various youth groups and adults. This will succeed since most people are using social media platforms.

There are also a few shops which are specialized in floral designs. On an opening day, the business will offer free fresh flowers to customers who buy in the store. 10.Vision Statement To be a leading florist and designer dealing with fresh flowers and gift cards. 11.Goals and objectives Ensure that customers are given quality fresh flowers and delivered on time. Producing various designs to covers all the preferences and choices of the customers.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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