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Motivation Self Reflective Paper Motivation Self Reflective Paper My personality, the different aspects of the work and the strategies used in crafting it influence my motivation. Influence of personality on motivation The sociable element of my personality makes me enjoy activities that involve teamwork like in study groups. The extroversion trait of my personality make it possible for me to receive help from other team members and extend the same to them without difficult. This aspect of my personality enables me to enjoy the sessions in which teachers require in active involve of the class such as question-and-answers sessions.

My personality causes me to experience boredom during lessons that I have to interact with machines for extended durations such as during computer lessons (Nelson, Armstrong, Condie and Quick, 2012). The enterprising element of my personality helps me to enjoy doing class exercises that involve me persuading people or giving address to class. Due to influence from this element of my personality, I approach my studies with energy and ambition. Additionally, my value and emphasize for success in my studies and extracurricular activities come from the enterprising aspect of my personality.

I have discovered that my lack of interest in boring observation is because of my enterprising personality (Nelson, Armstrong, Condie and Quick, 2012). Key aspects of course-work that motivate me Assessment is one of the key aspects of course-work that motivates me. The knowledge that after sometime through the semester I will be given examination and graded makes me put effort in my studies in order to perform well in my examinations. I motivated by the way the course work grows every day.

This is because I enjoy encountering and engaging new knowledge and it gives me a sense of progressing and growth. The connection between the coursework and my goals in life motivates. I am encourage to know that the knowledge I get after doing the coursework will enhance my success and performance in my career of choice. The application of the coursework in my day-to-day life is motivating factor. For example, the concept of emotional intelligence that I learnt in chapter four has helped me to understand my emotions and the way I react to other people’s emotions (Nelson, Armstrong, Condie and Quick, 2012).

The allowance of choice that the coursework give me as a learner motivates me. The coursework provides choices of questions and different subjects from which I can choose the ones that work for me. The learning objectives and expectations of coursework are a source of motivation. This is because they give me sense of empowerment and target against which to set my personal semester goals and objectives. The variety of methods through which the coursework is taught is another source of my motivation.

Teaching that requires student participate or solve problem are some of the methods through which our coursework is taught and they help one another so that as a learner I do not get bored with prolonged use of one teaching method (Nelson, Armstrong, Condie and Quick, 2012). Strategies used to craft coursework to keep me motivated The clearly explained learning objectives, specific course goals and the expectations of the students for every course issued in the beginning of the semester are a strategy that keeps me motivated.

This strategy give me curiosity and sets the mood for my semester. The other strategy that maintains my motivation is the setting of assignments and examinations that challenge appropriate. I sometimes experience fear while approaching examinations but they are set in a way that even if I do not get everything right, they do not discourage me. In addition, coursework assessment is crafted in a way that encourage us to compete well. This way, I do not hate my colleagues who perform better than I do.

The coursework is craft to suit my specific needs as a learner. This maintains my motivation because I have some instructors who make time for me to ask questions on areas of the coursework for which I may have difficult (Nelson, Armstrong, Condie and Quick, 2012). The coursework assignments and assessments are set in a way that they give feedback in time. This keeps me motivated because I am able to improve on my areas of weakness before they get bad. Adding strength to my personal goal setting is another strategy used in crafting the coursework and that motivates me.

The goals, objectives and expectations that are given at the beginning of every course strengthen my goal setting skills because I have to come up with my personal goals in line with those of the course (Nelson, Armstrong, Condie and Quick, 2012). In conclusion, my personality makes some aspects of my learning better and others bad. Different aspects of the coursework including examination and relevance to the life outside studies are some of my motivating factors.

Learning objectives and feedback given in time keep me motivated. Reference Nelson, D., Armstrong, A., Condie, J. and Quick, J. (2012). ORGB. Mason, OH: Cengage Learning.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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