Essays on Change Management Structure of Takreer Company in Abu Dhabi Case Study

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The paper "Change Management Structure of Takreer Company in Abu Dhabi " is a good example of a management case study.   This study attempts to discuss the change management structure of Takreer Company in Abu Dhabi and how it has influenced its performance in the oil refinery industry. This change management analysis borrows from different change models to try and assess the effectiveness of the change management practice of the company in creating business success. Case Study: An Analysis of Organization Change at Takreer Company 21st Century organizations have to grapple with both external and internal forces that determine their success or failure in the market.

The ability to deal with the ever-changing market environment creates avenues where such organizations improve their management practices as well as their productivity. However, the most important factor to consider in the management of organizational change is the issue of human resources. Takreer is a good example of a company that has been able to experience much success due to its good management practices that mainly focuses on people. It is a company that places much emphasis and value not only on its customers but also on its employees.

Its core values include safety, environmental stewardship and valuing of all people and business ethics. These are characteristics that make the company be able to easily manage organizational change within its operations. Executive Summary The main aim of the study is to assess how change management as a concept influences the performance of a company. The paper attempts to look into the various issues that affect change management and their relationship to the performance of an organization. Takreer, an oil refinery company in Abu Dhabi, is used as a case study.

This company is renowned for its business success as well as the employment of good management practices. The paper goes further to examine the various factors that make the company thrive in a competitive and ever-changing business environment. It critically analyzes both the internal and external of the company and tries to give solutions and recommendations on how the company can improve its business performance. The study is performed through the use of relevant literature reviews about the company and the use of change management models which will help to understand how effective change management applies to the company. The results found out that change management has had a profound and positive impact on the company.

However, the company has also been faced with challenges in the area of transforming individuals know how to organizational success despite the use of technology. Is this a problem of organizational culture or are there underlying causes? It is recommended that the company should pursue an organization policy of identifying and selecting change ambassadors who can effectively communicate the desired changes to company employees.

The company should also adopt a top-down approach in information dissemination that will touch all levels of the company. Change Management The goal of change management is designed to have a positive long-term impact on any organization. However, organizational change usually fails most of the time. It is therefore important to assess an organization to determine its readiness. The leadership should show support for the change, following the process, involving stakeholders and maintaining their support. The actual management of the change process involves aspects such as planning, organizing, implementing, assessing, and evaluating.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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