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The paper 'Organization Design of Facebook' is an outstanding example of business coursework. As an organizational designer, understanding how the different aspects of an organization relate to its success in a competitive global environment is a critical competency sought by many organizations towards improving their organizational design. There has been a growing trend in recognizing the significant role of an organizational designer in a world where business partnerships, mergers, acquisitions, and integrations have increased. Globalization forces have also prompted organizations to restructure and reconfigure to maintain an effective and operational efficiency. To effectively build a brand about my competencies in organizational design, I have chosen Facebook as a social media marketing tool to show organizations the extent to which competition between them is based on the different strategies and capabilities within their organizational design and how it can be improved.

Organization design involves decision science that focuses on establishing frameworks and identifying sound choices when faced with competing alternatives. To execute a chosen framework, appropriate tools and interventions must be applied to ensure effectiveness. Marketing in a competitive environmentThe marketing world has increasingly become more complex and highly competitive as businesses and individuals seek to acquire customers and retain existing ones.

Therefore, the ability to develop a strong brand in today’ s business world is invaluable to gain a competitive advantage. Also, technological advancement has provided innovative ways of marketing, especially through social media such as Facebook. Social media for personal branding has numerous advantages due to its users globally and is an appropriate platform for marketing. However, to gain a competitive advantage, I will engage in target advertising and reach organizations and ensure self-promotion.

To effectively achieve a strong personal brand in a competitive global environment, I will: Define me by establishing my key competencies, skills, and capabilities as they relate to organizational design. This will ensure consistency in what will be presented on Facebook and promote future interactions with all potential customers. To establish a strong network, I must ensure all information I intend to share is received by the right people, particularly organizations and colleagues who share common values. To realize the desired effect from my personal branding, I will decide on an effective strategy that promotes an understanding of all the needs I should focus on and other people’ s perceptions of my brand. Technology has also increased privacy threats.

I would endeavor to ensure my privacy settings are updated to allow information to reach the right people, attract interested people, and strengthen my personal brand. To ensure my brand remains appealing and relevant, I would ensure regular interactions and updates of relevant and contemporary issues in organization design. SWOT analysisIn a world saturated with marketing, understanding the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in personal branding is important to ensure success in the highly competitive world. StrengthsThe use of social media for personal branding is accessible by large populations regardless of their location globally. The field of organization design provides an opportunity for organizations that want change with the times. Online marketing ensures efficiency and accessibility of service in real-time. WeaknessesThe use of social media such as Facebook for personal branding may result in unnecessary criticism. Most individuals have also used social media to market themselves hence increased completion. OpportunitiesThe future of marketing is through social media. Most organizations use social media to search for the services they need. ThreatsThere is stiff competition in the field of organizational design as organizations search for experienced organizational designers. Increased cybersecurity threats are affecting the effective operations of online businesses. Organizations have been rapidly changing their structures to keep pace with changing trends. The 4 Marketing P’ sThe 4Ps in the marketing mix helps an individual or a business to position itself in the market. Product is what the customer needs and should be satisfied with. Place refers to the exact location where the products or services can be accessed. Price is the value attached to a product or service. Promotion involves all efforts that explain where and when advertising messages can get across to the target population. Changing global environmentTo effectively survive in a highly competitive and rapidly changing global environment, I intend to use Social media, specifically Facebook, to carry out marketing and develop a strong personal brand.

As an organizational designer, constantly updating my skills in a fast-moving world is important to ensure organizations recognize the need to upgrade their organizations and modern organizational cultures that improve performance and efficiency. A personal brand can only remain relevant in the digital world if an accurate and appealing set of skills are integrated into a system that organizations can attribute to increased efficiency or success.

The biggest challenge of personal brands is the ability to connect with the target customers. However, the nature of marketing using social media requires creativity and continuous improvements to achieve success. Organization design current needsToday, most organizations have focused on improving their organizational designs to make them more creative and integrative by understanding deeper organizational behavior patterns. As an organizational designer, I seek to use Facebook to market my competencies and provide my expertise to organizations on winning organization designs.

This would ensure balance, unity, and proportion in key organizational aspects to ensure sustainable and operational activities in a highly competitive global environment. The ability of organizations to adapt to contemporary organizational designs is directly related to their success and sustainability in the highly competitive global environmentTherefore. Most organizations require the expertise of an organization designed to restructure the organizational designs and ensure an accommodative culture to improve all the operational processes. The world createdSocial media networking has become part of our daily living; organizations that promote the initiatives through social media are engaging in effective communication marketing.

Therefore, the new world encourages participation in harnessing the powerful social media communication and marketing ability to inform, educate, and ensure the sustainability of organizations. Self-branding using Facebook provides an appropriate forum to develop online communities and partnerships towards effective growth as an organizational designer. Strategy executionTo successfully execute the social media personal branding development, careful considerations must be effected to ensure informed strategic decisions that lead to the desired outcomes.

Most people are compelled to take certain actions due to self-interest, and thus, social media provides an incentive that allows people to share, learn, discuss, criticize, and appraise what is offered to them. As an organization designer, I must communicate these efforts to attract and gather co-operations among those interested. Facebook and interact with other social media platformsFacebook, as an important social medial platform, allows easy interactions with other social media tools. This tool is easy to navigate and bears other features that allow improvement of one's personal information and create other pages.

This tool is not restrictive and opens to connect with other social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and email accounts. In fact, most features can be accessed or used to open other accounts that operate online. Additionally, Facebook has a high population that can be accessed and crucial communications towards a particular course. In fact, other social media forums present related information as it is passed on from one link to another, reaching people globally in real-time. Handling social media challengesSocial media as a marketing tool has its fair share of challenges as a marketing tool.

The essential part of using social media in advertising is identifying clear objectives. All choices must be informed and sound because the marketing approach can never achieve its effectiveness without clear objectives. Therefore, ensuring goals are clearly written, and the plan of action followed, challenges such as privacy and security of information will be guaranteed. Verification of every objective is important to ensure they are specific, sensible, and quantifiable at all times to ensure minimum challenges.

Additionally, this would ensure only the target or right individuals receive the desired information. Literature review on social media and impact on marketing practicesOnline social networking and systems have a growing trend in advertising, which has vital ramifications on buyers, channels, and organizations. In social networking settings, online consumers give online input about items and offer important feedback to different operators, including different buyers, channel accomplices, contenders, and speculators. Additionally, there are numerous approaches through which feedback is received and handled, such as appraisals, surveys, and the platform in which it is given.

The numerous qualities of online networking situations have consequences and result in enthusiasm to advertisers and suggestions for administrative practice in organizations. Therefore, the online social environment provides an exciting, attractive, and important platform for marketing through the changing dynamics. Marketing executives can utilize this opportunity provided by social media to leverage their organization's social networking and marketing programs to improve performance and productivity. Pepsi Co and social networking strategies. Pepsi is one company that has effectively used social media to carry out marketing campaigns that greatly paid off. The company employed innovative social media marketing strategies to drive consumer interest through Facebook and Twitter.

Indeed, social media proved to be a goldmine rich with consumer engagement and interactions promoting the Pepsi brands greatly. The two major social media campaigns included the Pepsi Refresh Project and the DEWmocracy that integrated consumers and greatly appealed to the online community.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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