Essays on Organization, In Real Time, In The Real World Assignment

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Organization Theories and DesignIntroductionThe growing trends in the world currently require that organizations thrive in the global world in ‘real time and real world’ which means that they be designed in a way that adequately responds to global realities and trends in the market. There are many issues that come into play for organizations to thrive within the global market and there are other peculiarities that directly affect respective geographical markets where the organizations thrive. It is in this regard therefore that it is important for companies to look at the areas in its locality that are of importance to its operation and ones that it must address for it to adequately coexist in the market (Scheer 39).

In addition to this, it is equally important for such corporations to study global trends (especially when the organization is to thrive in the global limelight) and institute strategies and mechanisms with which to use so as to adequately compete with its contemporaries (Scheer 78). It is in this view therefore that organizational planning and preparation from strategy formulation to policy institution; resources mobilization to employee motivation are among the most imperative aspects of organizational strategies that determine the level of its success and universal thriving.

Purpose of StudyThis project involves an analysis and audit of a ‘real organization in real time, in real world’ which means that it is an organization that coexists in the global market with strategies that enable it respond to real market problems and challenges that are found in the market it coexists in. The organization that is taken for this project is Eco Smart LLC which is a large organization specializing in solar energy harnessing in the United Arabs Emirates environment.

This paper is going to analyze the company’s organizational performance as well as audit its strategies and policies in the view of critiquing their effectiveness and appropriateness in its niche market. In discussing these aspects of the company, inferences are going to be deduced from data collected for the study. Synopsis of Eco Smart LLCIn a snapshot, Eco Smart LLC is a large company in Dubai dealing with solar energy as its preferred form of renewable energy to invest in.

It is a certified ISO 14001 company specializing in Environmental Management Systems. It has recently (in the past five years) delved into systems that create sustainable business by popularizing Green Concepts that are easy for the majority of its consumers (Eco Smart LLC 1). In addition to these Green initiatives, Eco Smart LLC also provides its region with practical solar energy solutions and this has made it a “certified wholesale dealer for many branded solar system components and system integrators for Solar Electric and Solar Thermal Systems” (Eco Smart LLC 1).

The areas of specialization for the company are areas summarized below (Eco Smart LLC): Solar Wind Hybrid SystemSolar Home Power SystemsSolar Off Grid Power SystemSolar Water Pumping SystemsSolar Thermal Water HeatingSolar Gate BarriersSolar Street LightsSolar Refrigerators and FreezersSolar Mobile and Laptop ChargersSolar Lighting SolutionsSolar System Components such as solar batteries, solar panels, solar charge controllers, solar accessories and solar inverters.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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