Essays on Restaurants' Structure and Effectiveness Assignment

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The paper “ Restaurants’   Structure and Effectiveness” is a worthy variant of assignment on management. The author analyzes the technology used in two different restaurants-McDonald’ s, Subway and a typical family restaurant. Is the technology used the best one for each restaurant, considering its goals and environment?   McDonald’ s, Hacienda Heights, California Subway Family Restaurant 1.Organization Goals: Speed, Service, atmosphere, etc. Customer satisfaction, quality foods, and beverages, excellent and encouraging dé cor Customer satisfaction by offering high-quality food with exceptional service and good value. Customer satisfaction 2.Authority Structure Horizontal Horizontal Horizontal 3.Type of technology using Woodward’ s model Small batch unit production Small batch unit production Small batch unit production 4.Organization structure: Mechanistic or organic? Organic Organic Organic 5.Team versus individual: Do people work together or alone? Together as teams Together as teams Together as teams 6.Interdependence: How do employees depend on each other? The interrelationship is very high A lot of correspondence   7.Tasks: Routine versus non-routine Both routine and non-routine Both routine and non-routine Non-routine 8.Specialization of tasks by employees High in some areas such as pizza makers Low Low 9.Specialization: How varied are tasks and products? Minimal Minimal Minimal 10.Expertise required: Technology versus social Social; Interpersonal skills especially by waiters Social Social 11.Decision making: Centralized versus decentralized Decentralized to meet individual client’ s needs Decentralized Decentralized Is the technology used the best one for each restaurant, considering its goals and environment? The company has employed technology in relation to banks and financial services institutions in that it accepts credit cards despite the relatively low costs of their foods.

The company also employs intensive communication technologies that link operations and management of the various franchises in order to ensure uniformity in operations. The running of the Hacienda Heights outlet is part of the organic system of the larger Mcdonald's chain of restaurants. From the preceding data, determine if the structure and other characteristics fit technology. According to many reviews in a number of blogs, customers rate and analyze the restaurants according to previous experience.

While the food and beverages served are physical, the manner in which the meals or beverages are prepared and served constitute a larger percentage in forming the opinion and contributing towards customer satisfaction. As such, the most definitive product being sold is intangible. This also means that the product is produced and consumed simultaneously. The attitude of the waiter also counts a lot towards customer satisfaction which can not be stored. In fact, Daft (2007) says that such products are inseparable from the producer thus emphasizing the importance on the people factor in the service industry. The McDonalds as a restaurant lays emphasis on employee training to equip them with the necessary interpersonal skills needed as a product for sale alongside the mainstream items.

As such, the running of the restaurant if labor-intensive as the services cannot be wholly replaced with technological devices such as vending machines. By waiters being kind, polite and even all smiles towards clients, Daft (2007) says it is more of a requirement than a strategy in the hotel and restaurant industry for competent players.

He emphasizes that the human element is most important in the delivery of service. He offers examples such as making apologies where necessary and even welcoming guests in the premises. If you were part of a consulting team assigned to improve the operations of each organization, what recommendations would you make? As a player in a health-related field, the hotels should play a more competitive role in ensuring that their clients do not indulge in poor eating habits that could jeopardize their health. The McDonalds has gone ahead and introduced health-related information and good eating habits in their websites which applies to all Mcdonald's outlets in and outside the US.

In addition to this, the McDonalds café should make it a point that their employees are physically fit with no weight problems as the fast-food outlet has often been criticized for selling unhealthy junk foods. The Hacienda Heights Mcdonalds outlet introduced a Feng Shui oriented dé cor that has continued to attract many clients in order to promote health, harmony, and prosperity. The dé cor incorporates placing strategic representations of five natural elements -- earth, water, fire, metal, and wood.

This has been accomplished by replacing the plastic furniture, Ronald McDonald and the red and yellow palette with leather seats, silver-coated chairs, earth tones, bamboo plants and water trickling down glass panels, wood ceiling, plus red accents throughout the dining area to symbolize fire and "good luck, laughter, and prosperity. To complete the whole Feng Shui environment that is said to free flow of chi or energy, the hotel needs to introduce a customer loyalty program that sponsors selected winners in Feng Shui classes (AP).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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