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Compensation of labor is the lowest hourly wage, daily, weekly or monthly that the employers are legally bounded to pay to their employees. All employees have right to get at-least minimum wages for their work as per the prevailing labor laws, therefore, almost of the Countries have their own laws for minimum wages of workers. Furthermore, any additional compensation on minimum wages is based on the contract that the employee has with his employer. Furthermore, labor laws involve the authorized relationship between employees, companies and trade unions. Walmart is an organization which has been criticized by a number of persons and groups that include Walmart’s employees, customers, labor unions and religious associations.

The employees of Walmart condemned that they are not following the labor laws, paying below authorized minimum wages, gender & religious discrimination and fires the employee who try to organize in unions. According to employees of Walmart as well as labor laws, the corporation is damaging its employees and violating labor laws that include National Minimum Wage Act 1998, Employment Rights Act 1996, Trade Union and Labor Relations Act 1992.

Therefore, employees as well as other groups registered a number of court cases against the corporation. Over the years, the Walmart not only lost its reputation but their competitors also took advantage of the above situation and support the opposition of Walmart unethically. In the words of Michael Kramer, “However, despite its recent efforts, Walmart is still not regarded as an ethical or responsible investment as generally defined by proponents of sustainable and responsible investing (SRI) because of its suppliers’ working conditions, employee wages and benefits, and anti-unionization stance. ” (31st May, 2012) If we discuss about the Walmart’s sustainability in terms of environmental impacts, we can say that the Walmart continues to maximize its land consumption by building vast, low-rise supercenters, regardless of its community embrace of sustainability.

The metaphors has expressed that Walmart has to utilize its purchased land in order to sustain in terms of environmentally and economically. Metaphors explained that Walmart should take necessary actions in order to retain their employees, create a win-win situation and satisfy their customers. Some of the actions are given below: It is common that the reputation of a corporation can only be developed after a long time through its strategies and performance; therefore, it is necessary that the reputation can be managed more efficiently through practical events rather than evasion.

Furthermore, reputation can be build through open affairs with in-house and external stakeholders, relying on trust, commitment and satisfaction. Walmart lost its reputation overnight through crisis, and efficient catastrophe supervision measures are the only means of undoing an infected reputation. Therefore, Wlamart is advised that the Internet, especially public media and broadcasting advertisements, should be used more frequently to enhance or tarnish reputations in corporate America. Walmart should consider merging their corporation or developing strategic alliance with other global retailers having good reputation. Walmart should rectify their problems with employers by increasing their wages and develop consensus regarding other above issues. In order to keep the customer alive, the Walmart should improve the quality and durability of consumer products.

Furthermore, Walmart should use its negotiating authorities to offer lower prices to attract its customers. The Walmart should consider program to identify ways for reduction of waste so that it generates low amount of pollutions and trash, hence becomes environmentally sustainable.

Furthermore, Walmart consider increasing Greenhouse gases.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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