Essays on Workings and Essentials of Sustenance for the Organization and Its Employees Assignment

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The paper "Workings and Essentials of Sustenance for the Organization and Its Employees" is a wonderful example of an assignment on management.     The aim of the paper is to present a complete organizational analysis of a chosen corporation. This is an attempt to study an organization from the point of view of a professional entity and not as a profit entity or as a viable business. For this purpose, we have structured the study under the following headings where each heading will contain essential parameters that relate and validate the purpose of the study.

The paper will contain a total of six headings which are: 1. Overview of the Organization, 2. Structural frame analysis. 3. Human Resources Frame Analysis. 4. Political Frame analysis. 5. Symbolic Frame Analysis and 6.Conclusion. It is to be noted that the paper will be written for a real organization with a pseudo name. The organization so chosen for the study is a leading supermarket chain in Australia – ‘ Warmers’ . As an ex-employee of the store and as someone who has spent the initial years of my career in the organization I believe that the organization has given me rich insights on the workings and essentials of sustenance for the organization as well as its employees. Overview of the Organization: Warmers a leading supermarket chain in Australia was founded nearly eighty years ago, in Sydney.

In the 1930’ s it grew rapidly and acquired a chain of stores 31 in Australia and 9 in New Zealand. Today Warmers has a shopping center in almost every metro city in Australia. With over seven hundred supermarkets serving 13 million Australians Warmers has more than 320,000 shareholders.

Although Warmers opened as a bargain store, it diversified into the fresh food business in the 1960s and 1970s and soon became the largest fresh food supermarket chain in Australia. The acquiring of Safeway- another supermarket chain in the 1990s led to the further expansion of the organization and in the year 1993 has the biggest share float. Structural Frame: This growth and development of the organization comes from years of meticulous governance and focus on offering value to the customers and shareholders. It is important that the Structure of the Organization is analyzed in order to enhance the comprehensiveness of the study.

Below is the Organization chart of the Board and the immediate Management personnel. The Stores have Managers who have both vertical and lateral lines of reporting. Store Managers ultimately report to the Territory or regional head, and they in turn with a few layers of managers in the middle report to the Head- Food, Liquor, and Petrol. The Store Manager has a lateral line of reporting to the Logistics and Information department for the maintenance and supply of Stock.

Each Store Manager has two or sometimes three layers of employees who report to him/her depending on the size of the store. The store has supervisors and store assistants who report to the supervisors. A simple store structure with the lateral and vertical line of reporting and co-ordination are depicted in the diagram below. The above is simple management and coordination at the store level for the day to day activities of the store. The Store Manager reports to the reporter of the Head – Food Liquor and Petrol, who has two to three layers of managers under him and before the Store Manager.

Similarly, The Logistics Manager of the said Geography to the Logistics reportee of the Head - Information, and Logistics. The ordinary lines are the lines of lateral coordination of reporting between the store and the Logistics department. These are the reports and MIS that is sent between the store and the department on a daily basis. The reports are the ways or the mechanism in which the coordination takes place. The above chart speaks for itself regarding the layering and hierarchy in the organization.

It is evident that a huge network such as the Warmers has complex layering and Reporting structure. Each employee is answerable to the immediate next level and thus the Organization keeps the reporting structure in a line command. It simply means ‘ you have a problem report to the line’ meaning talk to your manager. It is the immediate reporting manager of an employee who is responsible for the performance appraisal of an employee subject to the parameters of the Human Resources Department.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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