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The paper "Make Performance Appraisal Relevant" is a graet example of an article on management. I found Winston’ s (1972) article to be interesting and informative in terms of performance appraisal. While I tend to agree to most of the ideas presented in the article, I will also argue against some and offer recommendations for improvement in terms of performance appraisal. I begin by supporting the author’ s position that performance appraisal programs can become more effective when management fits practice to purpose during goals setting and selecting appraisal methods to accomplish them.

Moreover, I would also like to respond to the question posed at the beginning of the article ‘ This management tool appear to be here to stay; the question is, how can it be tailored for better results? Organizations and management should focus on training managers on how to effectively use performance appraisals by setting clear goals that align with actual practice in a bid to enhance performance and organizational behavior. The following paper seeks to offer a critical reflection on what Winston’ s (1972) presents in his article Make Performance Appraisal Relevant in terms of performance appraisal.

Moreover, the paper will also use further research to debate on the topic of performance appraisal by discussing the issues discussed in each article. I agree that performance appraisal remains a significant tool for organizational success, but has proven to be ineffective or disappointing in several occasions. The success of performance appraisals depends on how well or effectively they are used within an organization. This concurs with Winston’ s (1972, p. 61) suggestion that based on the potential of performance appraisals, the concern should not be considering eliminating them, but should be improving them.

Winston (1972 p. 62) indicates that one of the main reasons that performance appraisals disappointment is because organizations regularly select broadly from a wide range of appraisal methods without considering about which method is appropriate for a specific appraisal goal. Different performance appraisal methods have their own mixture of pros and cons, where none is able to realize all the objectives of a performance appraisal program exclusively.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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