Essays on Organizational Behavior, Culture and Operations Case Study

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The paper "Organizational Behavior, Culture, and Operations" is a perfect example of a case study on management. The organization that will be tackled in this assignment is Barclays bank which has its headquarters in London, in the United Kingdom. It is a bank that has an international reputation and has many branches all over the world including in Asia. Mission Barclay's bank mission statement is to be a group that is customer-focused, innovative, and delivers high-quality services and products, maintains excellent careers for people, and positively contributes to communities in which it performs its functions. SWOT Analysis Strengths Barclays Bank brand is well established based on history and its promotion has been sustained through sponsorship of the Premier League.

The sponsorship of the league by the bank provides assured advertising for the company (Walter 141). The reputation of the bank is known all over and it has established a good rapport with the community all over the world. Barclays Premier League is very popular and known all over the world. Barclays has a global presence that is widespread making it enjoy economies of scale and spread.

The business enterprise has spread its risk in many countries and there is no fear of losing business due to a catastrophe in one country. Profits from other countries will sustain the growth of the bank (Parker 78). Banks that have their businesses concentrated in one country face the risk of losing all of their business in case of an economic crisis. Barclays bank is highly associated with innovation. Barclays was the first bank to come up with a credit card in the year 1966, and it has persisted to produce cards.

In recent years, it has produced OnePulse card which combines cashless, Oyster, and credit functions for customers who are based in London. Creativity and innovation sustain the growth of Barclays bank. Commencement of several new flagship branches together with a refurbishment program is an attempt of refocusing on the demands of the customer for a strong presence on the high street (Walter 141). Barclays bank is known as a high-quality service delivery bank and this gives it an edge over the other players in the industry.

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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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