Essays on Organizational Behavior and Organizational Change Essay

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The paper "Organizational Behavior and Organizational Change" is an excellent example of an essay on business. This paper seeks to answer two different questions on organizational behavior. A training Programme sought to "fix" an organizational problem. The organizational problem in this context was the failure of the employee to understand the code of conduct in the organization. As a result, A training Programme for all employees was necessary to make them understand and adopt the set code of conduct in the organization's behavior (California Society of CPAs, 2010). The training Programme seeks to have all employees of the organization acquit themselves with the details, terms, and conditions of the set code of conduct that applies to both the management and the employees.

The success of this training Programme is measurable. Actually, I can deduce the results of this Programme by analyzing the behavior and response of the employees after the training. More so, I can ascertain the effectiveness of the training Programme by analyzing the productivity of the organization after the training. The productivity, work relations, and goodwill of the organization will increase upon the effectiveness of the intervention.

In addition, one can deduce the effectiveness of the Programme by analyzing the disciplinary cases that amount to the organization after the training. However, if the intervention fails to attain the anticipated results, I can always seek for a remedy. To this end, I can seek to reinforce the training with more skilled tutors, increase the time for training, allow for experiments, and allow the employees to practice the skills learned in the training freely. Furthermore, in a scenario where the above remedy equally fails, I can derive and apply another intervention that would be relevant to fixing the organizational problem in this context. Furthermore, organizational behavior entails organizational change.

Organizational change refers to change of the culture, over all or part of the strategy or even roles within an organization (Lewis, 2011). It may also involve evolutions through certain life cycles. However, I learned that organizational behavior seeks to improve the performance of the organization or a part of the organization this leading to organizational development (McNamara, 2012). This knowledge will help me in my leadership role, as it will enable me to device organizational changes that will guarantee improved productivity in the organization.

Organization development involves a field of well-trained people with expertise in guiding successful organizational development. The process of organizational development involves entering and contracting, diagnosing organizations, diagnosing groups, collecting and analyzing diagnostic, feeding back diagnostic information, designing interventions, leading and managing change, evaluating and institutionalizing organization development interventions. Consequently, human process interventions involve interpersonal and group process interventions, and organizational process approaches. Human resource management interventions, on the other hand, involve performance management, developing talent, and managing workforce diversity and wellness (Cummings and Worley, 2009).

Hence, the intervention sought in this case is a Human resource management intervention that seeks to address an organizational problem. This amounts to organizational change though it affects the part of the organization. Upon its success, this change leads to improved productivity and organization development.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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