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IntroductionDifferent individuals, species and groups behave in more or less the same way in certain given situation. The tendency to show or exhibit a suit of correlated behavior across situation is what is referred to as the behavior syndrome. Some individuals and groups in organizations also tend to behave in a correlated way when subjected to same situations. Behavior syndrome is characterized by different behavior displayed by a group of people in the organization like the hostility and the aggression or even submission depending on the organization culture that has been developed over the years.

Behavior syndrome contributes greatly to the personality of people and shapes their reaction towards approach to different situations (Lefebvre, 1997 Pp. 58). Behavior syndrome has been attributed to attainment of some stress levels or lack of stress at all depending on the kind of behavior adopted. In this discussion we are going to look at types of personalities that are brought about by the different behavior syndrome. The discussion will also show the relationship between the personality, health and the organization behavior. The variation in the level of impacts that the different individuals get through the different personalities is also going to be addressed.

The discussion will include the type A and type B personalities as they are stipulated by Meyer Friedman and Ray Roseman in their contribution on the behavior syndrome. The research showed that it requires people of sober and health mind in the organization to be productive. DiscussionMeyer Friedman, a cardiologist and a doctor friend by the name Ray Roseman conducted some researche on the behavior of people and their impacts on the personalities. The development of type A and type B personalities attracted reactions from many doctors then who forwarded their suggestion and contribution.

The type A personality is characterized by persons with high competitiveness and they work compulsively hard to meet the deadlines. They don’t see anything to block them from realization of their objectives. The type A persons are very aggressive and authoritative. They tend to bark at their subordinates when they feel that they are not productive enough or when they are slow at their operations. Dr. Meyer showed that the people with the type A personality are more prone to heart attack and he gave recommendations on the treatment of this condition.

This condition is brought by the fact that these people would like to do many things at the same time and very conscious about meeting their aims regardless of the situation (Jay, 2000 Pp. 113). Persons with type A personality suffer from stress at high levels. The reason is that they give pressure to themselves to attain the required results and they are affected by their workers when they fail to meet the standards and deadlines.

These people are referred to as workaholics due to their tendency of always working even when they are not productive. The type B personalities are the people who are the opposite of type A in character and behavior. The type B persons are known to be relaxed, patient, easy going and never seem to be worried or affected by matters of urgency. The type B are not aggressive and are always friendly to their employees. They are not worried by deadline and are less competitive compared with type A personalities (Jay, 2000 Pp.


Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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