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The paper "Organizational Design Issues" Is a great example of a Management Assignment. Orange was launched in 1994 for the newly acquired Hutchison telecom’ s united kingdom company that was acquired by France Telecom (Orange, 2016). In 1997, the company reached a one million customer milestone in the united kingdom and in 1999 won the Sunday times business enterprise award where the company was described as one of the most outstanding business success stories. By 2004, orange controlled over 50 companies that had over 50 million customers all over the world. The reason the company did so well is that it was launched at a time when most of the companies focused their efforts on serving mass markets for purposes of increased profitability rather than focusing on customer service (Jones, 2006).

These factors have made it possible for orange to inspire the industry, especially in the United Kingdom. The changes embraced at the launching of the company and the feting in its tenth year anniversary that began in the spring of 2004 are some of the reasons and part of the success stories at the orange company (Orange, 2016). According to the orange case study, Orange has built a brand that can be recognized all over the world with the company focusing most of its marketing on the young people, innovation, and more so the telecommunication services (Orange, 2016).

The company has marketed its services to young people with the hope that brand name and brand recognition would become a significant concept in the industry now more than ever before as the number options available to the consumer's increase (M-Brain, 2015).

Orange advertises itself as a company that is committed to customer service and aims at being responsive to the needs of its customers and staffed by responsive and flexible individuals who have been provided with flexible working conditions by the organization. This is one prove that the orange company is keen to create a loyal customer base amongst the young people in the United Kingdom as well as in other parts. This is one of the illustrations that the company has used a strategy that allows its customers to make use of the best technology through constant innovations (Orange, 2016). Orange company is one of the few companies that have managed to constantly update their technology.

The company has for instance been carrying out constant market researches that established that phone users in the current generation are not just after making phone calls but rather some add ons such as the internet connectivity and went on to be one of the pioneer telecommunication companies to enable internet connectivity. In August 2003, the telecommunication service provider became the founding member of an alliance that brought together T-mobile and Telefonica.

A month later agreed to let Alcatel Nortel networks and Nokia provide their 3G connectivity. (Jones, 2006). In 2002, Orange company came up with the first smartphone powered by windows that had high-resolution features, high speed, and applications that included web access, wireless email connectivity, instant messaging all in a small and stylish handphone. Two years later, the company was the third company to launch the third generation phones that cost it a fortune to register. The use of large scale technology has enabled the company to enjoy the economies of scale which are the reduced cost of producing one cost of output as the organization produces more (Jones, 2006).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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