Essays on Why Choose Harris County Hospital District as Health Facility Case Study

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The paper 'Why Choose Harris County Hospital District as Health Facility" is a good example of a management case study. Harris County Hospital District (HCHD) operates in the densest population of high healthcare systems. To compete favourably, HCHD has opted to provide top-notch-care delivered through talented professionals and has also increased its focus on optimizing its operational efficiency. For a long time, HCHD used an old mainframe system that limited the organization’ s ability to grow or upgrade its IT capabilities. To remain relevant to the competitive status, HCHD made a commitment to significantly invest in its IT infrastructure.

This has, in turn, enabled HCHD to increase data transporting across the healthcare organization and provide the capabilities required to automate processes. All these success relating to IT applications can be accredited to the Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprises applications (Harris County Hospital District, 2010). Why choose HCHD as health facility? Harris County Hospital District is a unique type of health care facility and differs from other types of health care centres mainly because of the following reasons: it offers a clinical program for the residents of Harris County; it also acts as a training and education facility for those students that aspire to make it in the medical professional.

Its patients find also find it easy to use their facilities because of the drugs information HCHD provides to them. Although medical care is not free at their facilities, there is financial assistance for those who qualify for the same. Lastly, it does not charge a service fee to patients in Healthcare for the Homeless program or other insurance plans (Harris County Hospital District, 2010). Organizational assessment To improve the performance of any organization, it is helpful to assess the current performance of the organization.

Assessment can either be planned, systematic, or explicit. Harris County Hospital District has often used tools such as comprehensive questionnaires, SWOT analysis, diagnostic Model along with a comparison of results to various ‘ best practices or industry standards. A SWOT analysis entails evaluating the possible strengths, weaknesses, opportunities or even threats that the organization may be facing at present or may face in the future. On the other hand, the organizational diagnostic model involves identifying activities that should take place in the organization, performing standards for various domains as individual positions, teams, projects, processes, functions, programs, and the organization.

In monitoring performance, identifying issues that should be taken into consideration is of more significance as this helps in suggesting the possible actions that can be taken to address the possible risks. Evaluation of the organization’ s success can then be evaluated (Niles, 2010). Improving organizational performance To improve its organizational performance, certain approaches have been considered but these can only be effective if implemented comprehensively and remain focused on the organizational results.

HCHD employees feel empowered due to the increased online data access provided by PeopleSoft Enterprises Human Capital Management Suite applications. This means that the staff knows where their records are and are therefore in a position to update their personal information at any time. It also hosts a balanced scorecard; benchmarking, business process re-engineering that involves redesigning the organization’ s structure to achieve increased performance. ISO9000; compels it, just like the other organizations, to adhere to the basic standards of quality, strategic planning; where the organization implements action plans that ensure achievement of goals and objectives and responsibilities (McNamara, 2010).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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