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4.0 Controls The making of a marketing plan is a little bit technical. It is the combination of a creative idea and hard data. However, when it comes to the implementation of a marketing plan, it is a totally different story. A person needs to be extremely tactful to implement the marketing plan successfully. TH help of a team is needed in the implementation part of the plan. The implementation part of a marketing plan is a process. This process evolves as the product evolves until the product is out of the market (Ferrell & Michael 57). 4.

1 implementation Plan breakdown- The implementation part is a gradual process. The marketing plan has to be divided into parts that can be handled easily. Proper implementation will depend on how successfully the team completes their individual tasks (Lamb et al 43). Explaining and delegating- this involves the explanation of the year’s, month’s day’s marketing plan to the team. They need to know what is exactly required out of them, and how they should go about the implementation of the marketing plan part that has been allocated to them (Pride et al 22). Keep an open channel- employees should maintain an open communication channel with the other team members, such that they can be contacted anytime to reflect on the plan and ask for help or clarification anytime (Perreault et al 76). Monitor progress- one should watch the progress of the team to find out when a team member is experiencing problems in implementing the part allocated to him or her (Lamb et al 43). 4.2Marketing Organization ` This team is responsible for the implementation of the marketing plan. Chief marketing officer should identify the rest of the team members; choose the team members according to their expertise and what they can contribute to the implementation (Ferrell & Michael 57). 4.3 Contingency Planning This involves identification of the things that can go wrong in the implementation of the marketing plan.

A skilled planner should identify the contingency events, and prepare with plans and strategies that will help in the avoidance or the exploitation of these events (Siddiqi 74). 5.0Conclusion A marketing plan differs from a business plan; you do not create a business but are creating a plan for marketing an existing product or service.

The focus of a marketing plan should be on how the product or service that you have chosen will be marketed to the customers. People should establish goals and objectives and analyze the information that is provided. After all this, then you can now start on the definition of the target market, and the specification of the specific market. In the creation of the marketing plan, focus is placed on what and why factors. However, when implementing the plan, an individual should be concerned about the where, when, how and who factors.

Where does the implementation start and where does it end? When do you start the implementation part of the marketing plan? What tactics and strategies will be used in the implementation, which is how the implementation is carried out? Who will carry out the implementation itself, that is, who are the team members that will help in the implementation of the marketing plan? The structuring and the implementation of a marketing plan is a time consuming process, but if one is patient and dedicated to the creation of the plan, then the marketing plan may benefit the company or organization for a long time. Works Cited Ferrell O.

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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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