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The paper 'The Blackberry Crisis " is a good example of a management case study. A global leader in wireless innovation, Research in Motion or RIM (operating under the iconic name “ Blackberry” since 2013), was founded by Mike Lizaridis and Doug Fregin in March 1984. Its corporate head office is in Waterloo, Canada, and operates offices in North America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific. RIM 900 was the first mobile messaging device produced by RIM in 1995. It was followed by RIM 950 in 1998. However, the first Blackberry-like mobile messaging device was only released and introduced as RIM 957 in April 2000.

Following a similar concept and design, RIM released its first handheld device (Blackberry 5810) to the market followed by 6710, 7200, and 7700 series of colored display Blackberry phones in 2003. In 2004, the popularity and sales of Blackberry phones soar with the release of the 6200 series and 7100 series followed by a more modern 8700 series in 2005, Blackberry Pearl in 2006 and Blackberry Curve in 2007. The Crisis - What, when, where, and why it happened? Initially, despite the growing popularity of touchscreen mobile devices from Apple, Nokia, and others, RIM prefers to ignore the threat and instead continue to develop mobile devices based on the Blackberry concept and design.

Consequently, Apple’ s iPhone 3GS in 2010, a phone with TFT capacitive touchscreen, outsell RIM’ s Blackberry Bold 9000 series. Moreover, despite the introduction of the Blackberry Playbook Tablet in 2011, RIM’ s market share continues to fall due to the switching of Blackberry customers to more innovative and appealing Apple iPhones and Google’ s Android. RIM’ s situation was further worsened by the October 10, 2011, Blackberry service global outage and the decision of RIM management to remain silent despite customer outcry and imminent reputational damage.

According to the report, Blackberry services such as email, web browsing, BBM, and others) were halted at around 11 AM on October 10, 2001, but RIM management was quiet about it and did not make attempt to issue any public statement during the four days crisis.



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