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Manufacturing custom designed cars in Japan al affiliation Manufacturing custom designed cars in Japan Executive Summary Currently, America remains the world richest country and at the same times the largest importer. Statistically, US bought over $2.33 trillion equal of imported goods a figure up by 45.5% from 2009. Balancing the two aspects of growth to reach a growth momentum is a tall order unless certain products are manufactured by residents in other country. As such the project contains a strategy towards a comprehensive manufacture of cars in Japan. Product and country background Arguably, United States is known for importing a number of cars from Japan if not parts.

Rationally, a country cannot be a superpower when its survival pegs on the goodwill from other countries. In as much as it is important to appreciate the fact that America lacks the many basic resources, it is worthy to note the ability to create basic vehicle parts. Description of the product, its features, benefits Car assembly with an ultimate goal of manufacture in United States will reduce imports by a large percentage. It will bring products at the consumer’s doorstep not forgetting the cheap prices the product promise for the consumers.

To the government buying car parts from Japan and making a general assembly will be an ultimate goal towards reducing inter-reliance on the strained companies. Manufacturing In the short run, my firm will outsource car manufacture from Japan leading automobiles, however, in the long-run the firm plans on using locally available knowledge. Considering the high requirements of cars in the United States, many cars will be sold to enthusiastic teenagers joining the employments arena. Evidently, the youths have proven to have a demand for custom designed vehicles.

The choice for Japan a country of manufacture remains pegged on the fact that it is endowed will a number of automobile products. Furthermore, it has an established chain of car manufacture industries with the ability to supply a market. US, for instance, imported vehicles worth $51.1 billion from Japan alone (Films Media Group, 2010) Entry mode selected To gain a competitive advantage while still keeping in line with the local ethical and institutional requirements, I will start manufacture through outsourcing. This will allow me to know the mood, tricks and any additional competencies for full manufacture of cars within Japan.

Subsequently, a long period of outsource from the local companies will allow extension that credit independent design and production. Elements of the political, social, cultural, and technological environment of the foreign country The manufacturing industry of Japan has various hurdles in terms of social, cultural, political and technological endowment. Operation within the country will be in line with policies that can allow survival of the firm until it reaches potential.

Contentious issues will be addressed soberly with regards to company goals. Most importantly, the manufacture of cars will take into consideration the use current technology that meets both local and customer demands. Target market and competitor analysis Competitor analysis will use both SWOT and PEST models to identify the strengths, weaknesses, threats and also opportunities available for exploitation. It is also seek to identify competitor advantages as well as customer bases in regards to different car models. The information will help in determining the direction for manufacture. Marketing analysis and strategies to include the four ‘P’s of the marketing plan Market analysis and strategies will incorporate the four ‘P’s of planning to ensure products reach places at the right time using clear promotional means and at affordable prices.

Domestically, the organization design will only contain an executive branch charged with creating, deciding and enforcing decisions followed by a wide field of employees responsible for implementing the decisions. Intellectual Property considerations Several firms hold the intellectual property rights for manufacture of cars with leading companies such as Toyota dominating the field. A backdoor entry in form of outsourcing from existing companies, therefore, is necessary to make partner before pulling out to become independent.

Considering that US gets a majority of its automobiles of Japan import by a local citizen will not bring major hurdles. Potential export financing Generally countries are keen on the Return of Capital investments to encourage local development. Despite encouraging corporate social responsibility, the firm will formulate a clear flow of finance to create a balance in export financing. Primarily, it will rely on networks of existing companies to access customer, however, plans on developing a tight distributions channel. Identified risks and how you will manage/mitigate those risks (e. g.

operating, transfer) Technically, coming up with a new design faces mixed customer reactions, however, the right product, at the correct cost beats all the challenges. As such customer’s preferences and competition remains major challenges. The firm will make a prior market study and create a comprehensive plan to litigate the problems. Potential dumping issues will not arise as technological means of re-use, recycling and treating effluents will be applicable. References Films for the Humanities & Sciences (Firm), Films Media Group. , & Journeyman Pictures (Firm).

(2010). Global Car: Who Really Builds the American Automobile? . New York, N.Y: Films Media Group.

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