Essays on Delivering Services through Intermediaries and Electronic Channels Coursework

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The paper "Delivering Services through Intermediaries and Electronic Channels" is a good example of marketing coursework.   There are different business journals and magazines which contains various articles on some essential aspects of services marketing such as customer behavior and marketing of products and services. This mainly in reference to the market prices and distribution services through physical and electronic channels. These aspects are essential in almost all activities of business marketing organizations as they enhance the achievement of the set goals and objectives. The study below is a report of an article on delivery services through intermediaries and electronic services found in a street journal.

It focuses on the main issues discussed in the article in reference to the services marketing theory. Delivering services through intermediaries and electronic channels Objectives of the article To identify the primary channels of delivering services from the manufacturers to end consumers To give examples of the key intermediaries To view the delivery process from a service provider and service deliverer To identify the challenges and benefits of each method of delivery Analyses of the strategies which are considered in the management of the delivery of services through intermediaries Except is special situations like distance learning whereby the learners learn through electronic channels mostly other services are distributed through physical channels in which the providers and consumers are expected to come into contact.

Physical intermediaries are considered in the delivery of the most inseparable services so as to maintain their qualities through the direct encounter between the company and customer. The two service marketers considered in all intermediaries are service principal or originator and service deliverer or the intermediary. The principal manufacturers of the services and deliverer interact with the consumers during the process of distributing the services (Geetha, 2009 pp.

3). Service intermediaries Service intermediaries perform various functions for the services marketers; they help to fulfill the promises of the principals to the consumers as well as making services available through the provision of place and time convenient for the consumers. Different from the channels of production, the channels of manufacturer and delivery of the services are considered to be direct from the producer to the consumers through the most suitable intermediary. This is because services cannot be moved through a delivery channel because of the fear of distortion, services are intangible and perishable hence no need for a warehouse.

Therefore many of the distribution channels of products are not applicable to the services. The main focus in the distribution of services is the identification of the ways of bringing customer and principal or their representative together. The retailers of goods are represented by the service organizations themselves thus they are intermediaries of the services. The services are delivered directly from the manufacturing companies to the consumers and not many channels of distribution are involved.

The service principals depend on their intermediaries for the deliverance of services to their specifications, these intermediaries determine the evaluation of the customer to the quality of the company of their concern. Examples of intermediaries include dealers or franchises like retail services for the support of physical products like gas stations, automobile dealers and so on (Geetha, 2009 pp. 6).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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