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The paper "Beyond the many faces of Price" is a wonderful example of a Management Case Study. In this report, five articles have been selected for the reviewing purpose. Pricing has been chosen as a subject of this report. All the articles are taken from marketing and marketing management journals. A review report will help in clearing the understandings of the research articles. Moreover, such a report will also explain how different articles are different from each other and what kind of research methodologies have been chosen by different papers. The review report will explain the background, research issues, identifications of marketing strategies, various major findings, implications of the marketing manager and recommendations for improvement.

In this way, different articles will be compared and analyzed in detail. Background of the papers Pricing and pricing strategies are the subjects of this review paper. All the studies explain different types and kinds of pricing. The study by Kanagal (2002) is describing the concept of perceived value. According to this paper perceived pricing strategy is an important pricing strategy, the whole paper describes the nature, type and components of perceived pricing.

The main components of that Study are the introduction of the study, research question, and conceptual framework, examine methods, management issues, empirical study and implication of the subject. The other study of Stremersch & Tellis (2002) and another study by Mazumdar & Sinha (2005) both have been taken from the marketing journal that is the reason both studies are following the same procedure of research. The study by Stremerch & Tellis (2002) explains the strategic bundling of product and pricing and the other study by Mazumdar and Sinha (2005) describes the reference price in detail.

The way of [resenting the research is the same as both types of research have a clear introduction, a literature review by explaining each element of the research in detail, conceptual framework, methodological challenges, discussion, and conclusion. The other study by J. Tellis (1986) explains the integration of all pricing strategies. This study did not use different headings in the research even it has explained all the elements and different pricing strategies in detail in each section and in the end, the researcher integrates all the pricing strategies and explained his findings.

The last selected study of Zeinthaml (1998) explains the consumer perception about the price, quality, and value. Unlike the Kanagal study, which discussed only perceived value and ignored the aspects of the value. The study of Zeinthaml (1998) is a detailed investigation of consumer perception bout the price. The nature of the research is exploratory to clear the relationship of the three components price, quality and value. The components of the paper are the introduction of the study, conceptual framework, literature, research implications, and methodology of the research and in the end, the author has explained the implication of the research and its management implications. Research issues identification of problems in the articles In the study of Kanagal (2010) which is an empirical research in which many research questions have been discussed.

It makes the discussion complex and difficult to understand. Moreover, different case studies have also been used for discussing the arguments, but at the same time conclusion is also not clear and specific. In the study of Stremersch & Tellis (2002) introduction is very clear, but the literature review covers many components, but it is not explaining the relationship of various variables of the research question.

Similarly, the research results are also not clear and not discussed in detail. The other study of Mazumdar & Sinha (2005), is one of the best studies in all the five Studies because it elaborates in detail the conceptual framework and other all elements of the research, but the paper does not explain the scope of the future research related to reference pricing strategy.

The other study by J. Tellis ((1986) is an explanatory research in which the detailed analysis has been done on the research question. The research question itself required a detailed discussion about the question on which the faces of price. The one of the big issues of this research is it ignored the real essence of the research methodology even at the end the findings are not clearly defined. The last selected study by Zeinthaml (1998) is also a complex study, but it shows the clear understandings of research. Moreover, the clear discussion and conclusion is also missing from the research, but at the same time it explains clearly the implications of research topic on the management of the organization.

Moreover, another issue with this research is it also ignores the suggestions and recommendations of future researchers.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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