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‘Comments on ‘The effect of automatic speech recognition systems on speaking workload and task efficiency. ’”Abstract: With the development of technology, has come many advantages that have advanced the human thought and research through huge leaps. However, the basic tools of technology may have left a trail of health issues and other associated dysfunctions that may have lead to prominent diseases and disabilities in the longer period of time. The ASR software and other speech recognition systems that make the users tone an unnatural speech pattern may be associated to such long-term affects on the human system.

The paper relates such a possibility and examines research that may be relevant to the affects of prolonged use of such tools. Introduction: The research was focused upon the learning of the stigmas that were involved in the processing of speech in automatic speech recognition (ASR) software. The software was used with the subjects that had spinal cord injuries. These results were compared to other subjects that did not have spinal cord injury to evaluate the possible working of the ASR software. The study was conducted to research the possibility of the increase in exertion of functions in the laryngeal system with the prolonged use of the dictation with the use of the ASR system.

These functions have been noted by many other researchers and have been cited in Vincenzi et al (2004), Huey et al (1993) and Robertson (1996). The use of the ASR system was also found to be more effective in terms of the number of words that were reproduced as compared to the same words that were tried without using an ASR system.

It was found that the ASR system was a more efficient addition in the methodology and that without its incorporation, the system was found to be far less efficient and required a more tiring procedure. The ASR was targeted to be used to substitute the mouse and keyboard attached to a computer and was made to function to perform tasks that requires inputs from either of the devices. The ASR system was tried as a replacement to other conventional input devices and the relevance was established as a comparison over cost of the ASR system- as it was close to what a mouse and a keyboard would be priced at.

The system was studied to be of use and assistance to people who have disabilities in terms of a high-level spinal cord injury or a repetitive strain injury at the upper limbs. These disabilities would make the use or the extended use of a normal computer very difficult to these people and such a use may deteriorate their condition even more. Furthermore, as a secondary objective of the research to was also tailored to be seen as a substitute for all the secretarial dictation and work that is required in offices to explore the possibility of the ASR system being a replacement for these additional costs that the organisations have to incur (ES, 1989).

In either of the two objects, the study has been related to the impact of using such systems on the health of the voice of people who intend to use this utility.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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