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A Report on the introduction of a new Technology in Coca-Cola CompanyIntroductionCoca-cola Company is arguably among the most reputed companies in the world dealing with production of soft drinks. It is a company that has embraced technology and innovation in high esteem and over the years, it has constantly rebranded, advertised for and presented its products in order to maintain sales consistently high. Introduction of a new technology a new technology has been as a result of enhancing easy and faster working conditions to meet the dynamic world and increase competitiveness. But as many companies yearn to advance technologically in service delivery and production, this report tries to focus on the pros and cons of introducing new technology in a company with a special focus aimed at Coca-cola company Technology has proved to be efficient in improving productivity, service delivery and marketing.

Its vast advancement and outright acceptance has been effected as a result of companies and organizations trying to adapt to the ever changing world. It has a great source of solutions to a variety of problems in the company. The solutions for example have been packaging of the soft drinks where greener bottles were introduced in 2009, subtle yet effective online advertising that attracts and make consumers feel like want its products, dispensers that allow the consumer to create a cocktail of his/her favorite beverage from a variety of soft drinks available, and networking where coca-cola maintains a visible appearance on social sites notably Facebook and Twitter with millions of ‘likes’ and ’followers’ respectively as of 2011.

Through the power of social sites, Coca-cola and a host of other companies have been able to spread news about new products, testing consumer loyalty by inviting users to play games and win prizes, test advertorial campaigns among other strategies.

In Coca-cola, the production has been automated to mix the beverage constituents to the desired sugar levels and other machines operated by computers and sensors for example the packaging machines that sense when the bottle is filled to the desired level and automatically inserts the lid. This has greatly improved productivity as more bottles of drinks are produced in large quantities, service delivery because distributors are served with orders on time, and saves time as compared to when production is manual and has to rely on a human being. 2.1 Pros Introduction of technology ensures effective and maximum utilization of resources and credible accountability in its functioning.

This can be attributed to the fact that only about one or two people are operating the machines hence any amiss can be traced to the initiator and its origin with ease. New technology reduces cost which is always a huge burden to companies. Introduction of computers has lessened the distance of communication and made it easier through the internet.

Company information and files are stored in computers in soft copies that are easily transferable to different people in and out of the company. Technology improvement has also greatly boosted marketing due to their effectiveness. This has been enhanced by internet improvement and emergence of technology companies like Google and Yahoo. These companies have made it easier by providing search engine optimization. Internet advertisement has brought several advantages to marketing sector in coca-cola industry. Some of the advantages include the fact that it is not time or location bound.

In other words it covers a large area than newspapers or Tvs. It is also cheaper than paying for prime time advertisement (International Communication Union, 2010). Internet can cover a large geographical area compared to other methods. Coca-cola, through its own websites has been conveying their messages about its upcoming products e. g. the sugar free coke, brands, advertizing that has been essential in its marketing. the website also act as a plat form where they can interact with their consumers hence getting feedbacks about their performances.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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