Essays on Part assignment about the Marketing program and SWOT Analysis of product called ( FDNS) Assignment

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Strategies and SWOT Analysis Task: Strategies and SWOT Analysis First nasal defense screen is a product designed to protect people, or reduce, from contact with contaminated air. It is a highly spontaneous product and is suitable for almost everyone and over a wide range of situations. This product is hugely suitable for the Iranian market. Iran is a middle-income nation with many existing and upcoming industries. Further than that, its geography and climate has always created a fertile ground for air pollution. FNDS (first nasal defense screen), thus, minimize exposure to general air pollutants and disease causing microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria and cancer causing agents.

Our first focus would be primarily an appropriate marketing strategy. We will cover this by discussing the product’s unique features over current alternative products, available prices, promotion, placement and a creative strategy for the target market. First nasal defense screen possesses superior qualities over current remedies such as facemasks. First, it is a non-latex material does not react to ones skin. It does not cover the whole face thus it allows mouth perform its other functions such as talking and eating easily.

Second, it completely covers the nasal passage, unlike facemasks, while still allowing for ninety-nine percent inhalation and exhalation. Third, it is light in weight, invisible and it regularly cleans itself thus making it convenient for urban and busy lifestyles. There is only on type of the product and it promises to improve lives one breath at a time. A pack of seven set retails at 9.98 US dollars in United States of America. However, for those interested in the business as distributors, they can buy a similar pack at 5.95 US dollars and sell it at a price above 10 US dollars in Iran.

However, a price per pack should not exceed 13 US dollars. A pack of seven set can therefore be available to the consumer at a range of price between 10 US dollars and 13 US dollars. This leaves the distributor with a profit of between 4.05 US dollars and 7.05 US dollars. Online services are limited to the citizens of USA and, therefore, Iranian customers can only buy from their distributors.

Apart from daily consumers, the target market comprises the industrial sector, which is prone to high pollution. The referred sectors include mining industry, painting companies, petrochemical companies, construction, hospitals, airlines and others. This call for a unique marketing program whereby the distributors can link with the relevant companies which in turn with these industries in which in turn can sell these products to their employees directly. As a unique product and simplicity to use without complex instructions, it provides for cheap marketing. The product can otherwise be available to consumers from convenient shops, hospitals and supermarkets.

As pertaining to advertisement, high literacy in Iran will allow distributors to advertise their products from the internet. Our second analysis focuses on the strength, weakness, opportunities and strength of the marketing program. The strength of this product lies on the idea that it is a new and a unique product. It also offers a cheaper alternative, by prevention, to expensive management of diseases like asthma. This high demand thus is a promise of good profits for interested investors. As mentioned earlier, great opportunities lie in the various industries and medical sector.

There are many opportunities, too, during Hajj and Omrah celebrations. The demand for these products is also high among citizens who are affected by the air contamination and have less convenient alternatives as masks. However, the major weakness for this program would be shipping constraints arising from expensive shipping costs, regulative policies at the customs and many burdensome procedures. The changes of the value of the currency in relation to the US dollars may also create uncertainties in profits. The marketing program faces no eminent threat. Reference First Defense Nasal Screen International 2011, Product Uses, viewed 16 October 2011, .

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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