Essays on Conducting a Salary Survey Assignment

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The paper "Conducting a Salary Survey" is a great example of an assignment on finance and accounting. Conducting a salary survey provides an avenue for the collection of data essential in planning, understanding the actual remuneration that one deserves on specific jobs in specific industries and easing employers in rating their workforce. The survey allows members to have comparisons of the different compensation packages through which the value of education becomes assessed and ascertained. The survey covered other regions too involving China, and other Middle East countries to provide for a comparative analysis of the packages within and outside the US.

Other countries too were considered in the survey with over 81 across the world providing their response with different countries showing different response levels. The response rate covered a higher number of female respondents in Asia while the other regions balanced well in relation to gender. These provide for inclusivity in the study that provides a more widely considered level of analysis after the collection of data. The majority of the respondents held baccalaureate degrees with over 98% with those in the European countries found to have more advanced degrees with Certified Management Accountant designations (2014 Global Salary Survey, p.4).   Conducting these surveys proves essential in the provision of data on salaries in different fields.

These have provided for a better understanding of the fields of study that students engage in when pursuing careers and choices of the places to work. The salary surveys have allowed for fairness in the fields of work. Such surveys provide information banks for various research surveys and for employers to understand the value of the skills they hire.

The employees have information for deciding where to work and the remunerations to expect in their work life.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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