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PAULA DEEN         In various aspects of management, there are essential skills that are beneficial to managers. Paula Deen is a celebrity chef with vital expertise in cooking. Hard work is imperative in every activity in the world of business and Paula Deen’s skills and hard work are evident since she took over from her home business and expanded it to be better (Barrows & Powers, 2009). Moreover, the cooking business requires a focused individual who has the crucial skills to do a great job in the business.

Managers like Paula Deen possess unique management expertise and skills, which enables them to act wisely and effectively in their management positions. Paula Deen is more than a cook with culinary, management, and interpersonal skills that, make her unique. Generally, chefs oversee the daily operations of every activity in a hotel. A chef is an expert who can alter and work through various menus and recipe. Hence, these individuals are planners and organizers in every aspect of management. Therefore, there are various skills, which are vital to managers in their daily operations.

Even though individuals require motivation to work in the food industry, business skills are very important (Barrows & Powers, 2009). Communication skills are very essential to every hotel manager. Therefore, a chef like Paula Deen requires these skills to relate and collaborate well with the staff. A hotel usually hires and schedules staff that help in daily operations. Communicating effectively to others in the work place is an invaluable skill that is essential to every manager. Therefore, Paula Deen is an effective manager who is able to deal with individuals from different cultures and backgrounds.

Hence, various organizational and coordination skills are important on the food and beverage industry besides cooking and serving. Paul Deen was a professional chef who exuded confidence, intellectualism and inherent leadership etiquette. As a chef possessing these skills, he was capable of engineering the development of the management’s operations. References Barrows, C. W., Powers, T. F., & Powers, T. F. (2009). Introduction to management in the hospitality industry. Hoboken, N.J: John Wiley & Sons Benfari, R. (2013). Understanding and changing your management style: Assessments and tools for self-development. Hinman, B.

(2012). Paula Deen. Pittsburgh: Eldorado Ink.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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