Essays on Human Resource Issues for an Expatriate Posting to China - Tenore Presentium Solutions Case Study

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The paper "Human Resource Issues for an Expatriate Posting to China - Tenore Presentium Solutions " is a perfect example of a human resources case study. Tenore Presentium Solutions (TPS) is an Australian engineering solutions company. It is a Multinational Enterprise (MNE) that has its headquarters in Sydney, Australia, and runs a global operation with a presence in three European countries; the United Kingdom, Belgium and Austria, in addition to Shanghai, China. It has a total workforce of about 2,500 people across the continents, with only 900 of them in Australia.

The company is intending to send a new Human Resource Manager to the Shanghai office on a three-year expatriate assignment, after which he will serve in one other offshore subsidiary before being repatriated. In China, he will play a senior operational role that carries personnel management and budgetary responsibilities. He is supposed to move with his wife and three children, all aged 18 and below. The Problem In the recent past, China has become one of the economic superpowers of the world, and an attractive destination for multinationals due to its investment policies that are generally low-cost and markets that are broad (Yaghi et al. 2012).

There was therefore the move by TPS to set up a subsidiary in China in 2008, and this was intended to take advantage of the opportunities offered by China’ s rapid economic growth and massive infrastructural projects. However, a majority of expatriate managers that have been sent to help in the running of operations there have either performed badly or returned before the end of their tours of duty. The top management attributes this trend to ineffective international HRM practices and lack of preparedness for the assignment.

The specific areas of HRM failure were noted to be Performance Management, Recruitment & Selection and Training & Development. It is worth noting that the challenges have not been noted in the other TPS firms based in western countries, as a result of which it was concluded that the problems are related mainly to the cultural adjustment issues that normally face new postings to China.

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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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