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The paper "Nature of Professionalism" is a great example of an essay on human resources. After successfully completing my PD plan, I was satisfied because the planning process made me a better person. During the 12 month period I dedicated to PD planning, I was able to improve on self-awareness and confidence within the working environment by learning how to follow my instincts and learning from my mistakes. I no longer shy away from positive criticism but rather use the opportunity to learn and advance my career. In the future, I envision myself as the leader of the project consultancy firm where I was on placement.

I do not plan to switch from one employment to another in the future to achieve consistent results in my profession. People who stay in regular employment tend to do their best in their careers. Career DirectionIn February of this year, I was determined to know what career path was suitable for me because I wanted to have a sense of direction that would enable me to identify my unique abilities, strengths, and weaknesses.

Therefore, I took a test on the website of Career Direction Inc where they were able to match my skills with the appropriate job (Appendix 2). However, I feel that I lacked sufficient skills to enable me to advance my career. In this regard, I plan to enroll for a degree in project management after I clear my studies so as to be in a better position to compete with other people. Transferable Skills RequiredIt is necessary for employees to acquire transferable skills (Gallagher, 2013). These skills are transferable in the sense that an employee can apply them from one job to another.

The period I was under placement is arguably one of my most cherished moments since it was a great learning experience. First, I was able to discover that I had good leadership skills. At times, I was left to take charge of some responsibilities with the group of interns whom I was a member and the results were remarkable. My PD plan report indicated that I was a good team leader with the ability to handle bigger responsibilities (Appendix 2).

During the same period, I improved on my IT skills and learned how to operate office equipment effectively. I was privileged to be in a firm that was quick to embrace technology. This made it easy for me to sharpen my IT skills with ease. However, I learned that I needed to improve my skills in flexibility. During the placement period, I found it hard to switch from one activity to another or even to multitask.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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