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COMMUNITYIntroductionNumerous definitions developed over time as pertains to the term community. This can be attributed to the wide spectrum over which it is spread. The word community is defined in terms of geographical location, groups of people living in particular places, and as an area of common life. There have also emerged some definitions in political terms. C.J Galpin was the first to define the term community in relation to sketching the outline of country communities in provisos of trade and provision areas adjoining a central rural community (Talbot, L., & Veranda, G, 2009). People emanating from all corners of the globe have not only tried to define the term community, but have gone ahead to develop sub-branches under which the same can be examined further.

Community can be viewed as people of particular common characteristics residing in the similar region. Looking at it from this angle, people exercise joint ownership of either the values that characterize them or the locality in which they live. States or countries unified by similar interests and strengths, a good example in this case being the European community is another illustration of how wide we can go in our quest to bring out clear understanding of community.

The geographical approach considers the similarity in occupation of people and something that they commonly share. The definition of interest covers the community as a people linked by beliefs, religion, occupation, ethnic origin and other factors. For example, there are business communities bound together by their occupation, gay community’s bound by their sexual orientation and Anglican community bound by their religious beliefs. The interest definition is most acceptable in the contemporary society.

Communion, this defines the spirit of oneness. A community has a trend to stay close and care for each other. Therefore, the term is used to refer to a grouping of individuals who have the spirit of community in their environment (Anderson, B, 2006). Migration from rural areas to urban areas led to the development of settlements of people from different walks of life. Despite their differences they have developed a bond and come together to support each other. In this form of settlements, communion is evident. As community shares beliefs, and collective understanding, they develop common goals and objectives.

The achievement of the goals is achieved by communicating and expressing themselves in the language acceptable to the community. The business community for example uses business terms that non members may not understand. The meaning and the use of their words remain sacred to the specific community. There are founding manners and moral behaviours that require to be followed in the communities. Their united agreement to these values allows the definition of members’ responsibility and duty to the community (Elliot, M., & Thomas, I.

G, 2009). The values of the communities are archived by passing the values to younger generations to uphold the integrity of the community and achieve the long term goals of the community. Community groups remain strong and carry great influence in modern days. Many laws and amendments are achieved through communal fighting. For example, the gay community continually fights to have the other communities accept them. They have also achieved the creation and implementation of many laws through collective fighting. The business community also comes together to ensure that the government creates a conducive environment for their business.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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